According to the ‘Xbox World Magzine’, the upcoming Xbox is going to go along the idea of Ninetendo’s Wii U and present the gamers a controller based on touch screen.

CVG reported that Microsoft Company is having a trial with the idea of manufacturing a touch screen tablet like controller for the upcoming Xbox. Magazine told that the planned controller will support an outline parallel to Sony Play Station Vita and it will be smaller than Wii U’s tablet which possesses a 6.2” screen.  The Xbox World Magazine adds that it not only has the HD screen with touch screen controls but also a traditional Xbox 360 buttons and sticks are also included in the upcoming latest Xbox.

There are many suggestions listed in the magazine, one of them is that if the as under construction idea have the latest technology of a high definition touch screen, it could perform a unique set of functions. Furthermore, the magazine has stated that it is expected to be a remote control when you are watching TV, or a unique browser as you are surfing online, or may be some extra buttons and a set of information while you are playing a game and a handy display type of thing if you want to move your game with you when you are going outside and you wish your game to travel around along with you.

Well, such a unique Xbox can be so expensive and the chatters are expecting this to shoot the price of Xbox to a high level. According to the Xbox World magazine, it will be priced above $500. It’s not the first time that we are hearing such rumor. Gamers were already having strong anticipations about having a touchscreen tablet device coming soon. It is going to be a blast for the Xbox lovers.