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Top 10 Best iPhone 4S Travel Apps

The iPhone 4S broke numerous records upon its launch; the iOS-powered device sold over a staggering four million units and that figure has inevitably increased considerably since its October 2011 release. With the quantity of users who own an iPhone 4S, travelling would of course be carried out by

Top 10 Best Health & Fitness Android Apps

Android’s applications are so diverse that we’re now seeing health and fitness applications. Why go to the gym and spend your hard earned cash when you can have the same comfort via your Android-powered Smartphone or tablet? VOICEABLE has created a list of the top ten best

Top 10 Best Free Android Games

The quantity of games that Apple’s iPhone app store features is remarkable. With the Android now taking some of the iPhone’s market share, the amount of developers creating games for the platform is an ever increasing aspect for Google’s operating system. With the amount of games available,

Top 10 Best Premium Android Productivity Apps

One of the best features of Android is the diversity its application store features. Productivity, meanwhile, is one of the categories that indeed diversifies Google’s mobile platform’s operating system. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best Premium Android productivity applications. You May Like: Top 10 Best

35 Cool Free Windows 7 Themes You Might Want to Try

Windows 7 Themes are one of the best feature which I like the most in Windows 7 operating system. There are plenty of good windows 7 themes available on the internet today but which are the best, after trying a number of themes on my PC I

Is Social Media Ruining Your Social Skills? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The World Without The Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Now You Get to Share More Interactive Content with the Expanded Tweets on Twitter [Update]

Yesterday, twitter updated its tweet system to expand it further for letting people share more interactive content than before. Through this feature, we can now do more previews, insert images and video clips. The director of Twitter’s product team, Mr. Michael Sippey mentioned the below statement in

The Rise of Mobile Photography [INFOGRAPHIC]

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What Actually the Facebook App Center is About?

Facebook recently announced its brand new App center for iOS, Android and PC users. But we can’t think of its use since we already have the App store giants like Google and Apple so what’s the use of having a Facebook app center and one question is