One of the best features of Android is the diversity its application store features. Productivity, meanwhile, is one of the categories that indeed diversifies Google’s mobile platform’s operating system. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best Premium Android productivity applications.

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10. Note Everything Pro

You’ll need the free version of Note Everything installed in order for this add-on to work. Note Everything Pro adds several features to the already great Note Everything which consist of:

  • Photo notes, as well as checklists
  • Durable checklists inclusion
  • Reminder feature
  • Encryption in regards to password protection

9. Gift Shopper Pro

Organizing one’s self is always an important aspect that should be considered.  With this application, organizing the purchasing of gifts is simplistic for users. Notable features for Gift Shopper Pro include:

  • Password protection feature
  • Listing of people done via typing or clicking names via contact list
  • Gifts can be added for contacts via the scanning of barcodes

8. CalenGoo :Best Premium Android Productivity Apps

CalenGoo is a calendar application that can help increase productivity by a neat calender feature; in order for a clear outline of the year and any related events you may have scheduled, an accumalative of five calender views are included: day, week, month, agenda and landscape day. Other features are:

  • Sync with Android calendar, as well as Google Calendar
  • Drag and drop support
  • A search function

7. Memory Booster :Premium Android Productivity Apps

Memory Booster sees to it that both RAM and mobile memory of an Android device is boosted. The application can reclaim lost memory for programs, as well as:

  • A memory status report and monitor which is delivered in real-time
  • Quick memory boosting executed via one click
  • System crash protection

6. A.I.type Keyboard Plus

A.I.type’s aim is to effectively help users type faster and more effectively than with the default Android keyboard. Along with context-based text prediction, A.I.type Keyboard Plus delivers:

  • Next word is suggested
  • Current work is completed
  • Spelling corrected in real-time whilst users type

5. Document Scanner :Best Premium Android Productivity Apps

With Document Scanner, users can scan any file or/and document they please in order to convert it to Adobe’s PDF format. In addition to the primary purpose, the application includes:

  • Page limit is non-existent
  • Folders can be created by users
  • Existing gallery image can be inserted

4. RepliGo Reader :Best Premium Android Productivity Apps

PDF formats can be annotated, edited, as well as viewed with RepliGo Reader. Form filling, in addition to adding several features in regards to editing such as adding highlights, cross outs, underlines, sticky notes, as well as the following:

  • Users can adjust colors, as well as border thickness for annotations
  • Zoom in and out feature
  • PDF files can be sent via email, Dropbox, Bluetooth, in addition to Evernote

3. Thinking Space Pro

Thinking Space Pro is an application that gives users the opportunity to create visually-inspired maps that will help organize activities, as well as plans. Other features include:

  • Tags and folders feature
  • Full screen mode
  • Link files from the Android device via hyperlinks

2. Google Tasks Organizer

With the Google Tasks Organizer, users can get their Google Mail task lists organized via an Android device. As well as setting reminders for time sensitive tasks, the application features:

  • Date picker
  • Sub-tasks feature which is collapsible
  • Customization support for widgets

1. Root Explorer :Premium Android Productivity Apps

Root Explorer is one of the definite applications for a file manager in relation to Android root users. With the app, you can gain access to every single segment of Android’s file system, as well as features such as:

  • Access the data folder
  • SQLite database viewer
  • A text editor