Android’s applications are so diverse that we’re now seeing health and fitness applications. Why go to the gym and spend your hard earned cash when you can have the same comfort via your Android-powered Smartphone or tablet? VOICEABLE has created a list of the top ten best health and fitness Android apps.

10. Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

This health and fitness Android application is ideal in terms in terms of making exercise and fitness more enjoyable. The app is a virtual social fitness partner, in addition to an effective personal trainer which is suited for health and fitness-related exercises such as walking, running and cycling. Other notable features include:

  • Real time GPS tracking of time, distance, speed & calories
  • Audio feedback for every mile or km
  • Real time peptalks from friends following you live
  • Workout route on a map
  • History with lap times

9. Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary

Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary ensures the app’s users keep updated and maintained on the losing of their weight. The useful application features many effective tools that will help one’s weight loss, including:

  • Barcode scanner > 1,000,000 items
  • LARGEST Online Food Database > 500,000 items
  • USA & UK Restaurant Listings
  • Full and only 100% accurate tracking system built in.
  • Meal Maker
  • Food & Exercise calculator for USA Plus, UK Pro & Australia Pro
  • Daily Allowance Calculator

8. Instant Heart Rate :Health & Fitness Android Apps

Instant Heart Rate enables users to measure their heart rate with their Android-powered smartphone. It also doesn’t require additional external hardware to correctly function and operate. Key features are:

  • Heart rate measurements
  • Real time PPG graph – see your every heart beat
  • History

7. Carbs & Cals :Best Health & Fitness Android Apps

With over 1900 food photos showcasing the carbohydrates, calories, protein, fat and fiber count, judging which food to eat, as well as drinks has never been easier. Notable features include:

  • Over 1900 full-color food & drink photos.
  • Each photo showcases quantity of Carbs, Cals, Protein, Fat, Fibre and Weight of that portion.
  • Counts 5-a-day fruit and vegetables intake
  • Search function to find food
  • Store Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, as well as three snacks per day feature
  • Sub-categories for branded food including Kellogg’s, Domino’s and Danone

6. Garmin Fit :Best Health & Fitness Android Apps

An Android-powered smartphone can easily be act as a powerful training tool via the Garmin Fit application. Users can view statistics for walking, running or cycling, with the option of viewing and sharing them later also available. Other features for the app are:

  • Soundtrack support
  • Current speed
  • Distance traveled
  • Route traveled
  • Calories burned

5. JEFIT :Best Health & Fitness Android Apps

JEFIT delivers a suitable application for those who carry out professional bodybuilding, weight training and workout. With one of the largest exercise and routine databases available within an Android application, JEFIT also delivers:

  • Full two-way synchronization with online JEFIT profile
  • Track your workouts, create routines, body statistics and lifting progress easily
  • Resting timer
  • Workout routine planned

4. Daily Ab Workout

With this application, users can strengthen and tone their abs with a daily workout routine. A total of three 5 to 10 minute daily ab routines for men and women are included which feature a guide for thirty top ab-sculpting exercises that can be carried out. Other notable inclusions in terms of features include:

  • Simplistic interface
  • Video and timer for additional understanding of the exercise and its related routine
  • Three workouts included
  • Randomize feature support for different daily workouts

3. QuitNow! :Best Health & Fitness Android Apps

Smoking is a serious threat towards health and indeed fitness activities, as well as in general terms. QuitNow! helps smokers quit the addiction via various useful features:

  • Days without smoking
  • Cigarettes not smoked
  • Money and time saved
  • Aspects of one’s health that sees eventual improvements
  • Tips feature for quitting
  • Achievements to unlock, which can be shared
  • Specialized widget to monitor progress

2. runstar :Best Health & Fitness Android Apps

runstar delivers an interface and overall functionlity that can be famerilized with easily, which, one established, gives an effective running experience for users. Notable features are:

  • Audio feedback
  • Automatic workout upload to or
  • Four run modes (treadmill, distance, time and free)
  • Power up when you need the extra boost
  • Track your progress, set goals (time or distance) and share the result with your friends

1. Multi Reps :Best Health & Fitness Android Apps

With Multi Reps, users can reach their individual goals of consecutive repetitions for practically any exercise. The application will contribute towards reaching such goals with the deliverance of features such as:

  • Several customizable exercises support including push-ups, situps, dips, squats, pull-ups
  • Timer to manage the rest time between each set
  • Beeps when there are a few seconds left to the next set
  • Progress for each exercise is saved in the diary
  • Workout reminders which post notifications can be set