The world is full of wonders, natural and man-made. Sometimes the human mind works on such an effort which ends at a praiseworthy piece of art. Same thing happens in the history of food this time when the award winning British company, Foodie’s Cheese makers have produced something splendid for the Christmas menu, off course the luxurious Christmas menu— the Stilton Cheese produced with real gold flakes. WOW!

It’s a premium Stilton Cheese (white) which is made with the gold leaf safe to eat. It is the world’s most expensive cheese available at £60.87/100g slice and £608/kilogram. Expensive isn’t? you can just get a whopping on a cracker for £6 if you want to have real luxury after dinner.

Long Clawson, the dairy representative told that their intention was to create something immensely special , an exclusive stilton cheese, for the Christmas’s market. He added that they were contacted by many parties who were interested to get a chunk of this exclusive cheese at their table, including a renowned pop star and a Sheikh (Gulf-based oil owner).

Janice Breedon, another spokesman from dairy said that he cannot expose the names of interested parties due to confidentiality issues as all of them are well-famous. He furthermore says that they are amazed about how the news is leaked out and they have been contacted by some quite prosperous and most-important beings for the cheese.

It’s such an amazing thing that you can see the gold flakes clearly  in the cheese chunk and the producers say that they has not been shy for how much gold they have put in the total cheese consignment.

It’s such an interesting fact to know, but wait… there is another amusing news from a Serbian Cheese-maker has claimed to produce and sell the most- costly cheese in the whole world. It is a cheese which is produced with Balkan Donkey’s milk, at €1,000 per kilo. Yuck… I don’t feel it much impressive though!