Nokia has obliged its customers with the most outstanding N series of cell phones ever. The features and specifications are really just out of this world. It comes with style and the elegance it offers is really mouth-watering for all mobile phone lovers. Nokia comes with the logo of “connecting people” but it does not connect well but connect with style and smoothness with help of most enormous features either by calls, mails or messaging.

Nokia N9

N9 comes with the Amoled scratch resistant display screen that brings the whole beauty and adornment to the high quality cell phone. No back or home keys give you the whole easiness to swipe pages in a continuous flow. The whole broad screen gives you the better view of pictures, videos, browsing pages and flow to operate the pages in the big screen. It also offers 8-MP camera, stunning colors of black, blue and pink in body, maps and navigation with other stunning applications to incorporate with the fastest browser.

Nokia N9’s 8-MP Carl Zeiss Optical Camera:

The 8-MP Carl Zeiss camera gives you the opportunity to film anything in high-definition. You will get surely the best results ever. Get more and more friends and family captured in the wide-angle lens to have more fun. You just need to focus on and shoot. Share pictures online or send by Bluetooth to the close ones with a simple screen touch. Life cannot be much easier than that.

Maps and Navigation: Nokia N9

Wow!!! N9 comes with maps and navigation for walk and car drive. Preloaded maps and built-in drive application are optimized to guide you the whole streets of about 80 cities worldwide. Touch screen enabled navigation with voice guidance will let you drive easily and confidently through streets of the city. This application is definitely going to work for you will easy access to all maps integrated into your N9.

The stunning Nokia N9 applications:

N9 comes with stunning applications like Accuweather,  Facebook, Twitter, Skype like applications that give you the whole opportunity to socialize with friends with every changing status on social networking sites. The fastest browsing features enables you to quick connect online and just be with your friends wherever you are. N9 is surely not offering too much applications as other companies are offering but still they are quality applications with some Angry Birds like games. You can get more installed in your phone from Ovi Stores.

Nokia N9’s fastest browser ever:

The HTML 5 supported browser just gives you the fastest and effortless browsing speed ever. The browser can definitely said to be a second generation as you can have multiple pages on at the same time with some hilarious downloading and browsing speed. Enjoy and download videos anywhere and share with your friends online on social networking sites in no time. You will definitely have a stupendous world out there with Nokia’s N9.

Nokia N9 smart phone accessories:

Nokia N9 offers multiple of accessories that double the enjoyment of a good cell phone. It gives numerous Nokia universally compatible carrying cases CP-555, CP-556, CP-557, CP-558, CP-567 ensure safety of the glass screen of this N9 touch screen smart phone and Nokia stereo headset WH-901 is there to get you a clear voice of music all the way long. The USB charger AC-16 undoubtedly gives you the ease of charging on any wall or computer so that you can enjoy videos and music at any time and can transfer from computer to the mobile phone.

Nokia N9 is definitely a big edition in Nokia’s N series and with its sleek and slim body, it gives enormous opportunity to get many eyes. It is undoubtedly a beautiful touch screen smart phone ever.