In most of the offices,schools and university social networking website are blocked by network administrator to prevent abuse.Facebook & Youtube are the most popular social networking site so these are on top in the list of website to be blocked.

As we know that the world of internet is huge it is almost impossible for network administrators to block everything on internet.If you have little knowledge about web proxies you can easily access almost any website using web proxies. Most of the times people use web proxies to access Facebook & YouTube.

When I was searching for a good web proxy that can unblock Facebook or to unblock YouTube, there was a huge list but most of them was not working or working too slow. But I found this to be really useful for unblocking Facebook & YouTube.

I am talking about Ultrasurf.

UltraSurf is the tunneling software product from UltraReach Internet Corp. for . The light-weight software lets internet surfers inside countries with Internet censorship to browse any public web sites and get around Internet web-blocker imposed by governments freely without leaving any traces

Initiated by a group internet and network engineers at UltraReach, UltraSurf is claimed by its developers as a breakthrough that has cope with the deficiencies of previous generations of proxy techniques , enabling it to unblock websites. Here, In this article I am mentioning the guide “how to use ultrasurf to unblock Facebook & unblock YouTube”.

UltraSurf enables users to browse any website freely while it automatically searches the highest speed proxy servers . During the whole process, all the contents being transferred are highly encrypted; the level of encryption exceeds the secure standard set for financial transaction such as online banking.

When UltraSurf 6 is started, a golden lock icon comes out at the lower right corner of the user’s monitor and will remain there during the whole process when UltraSurf is in operation, indicating you’re now able to unblock websites.

Currently UltraSurf only supports Microsoft IE and several other Microsoft based browsers. It doesn’t support the browsers such as Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, etc.
However, if a user is able to set proxy address manually in those browsers to,
he is also able to surf Internet with those browsers under the protection of UltraSurf. In this short article I have described the method on How to Unblock Facebook & Unblock YouTube at school.

Guide on How to Unblock Facebook & Unblock YouTube at school

1. Download Ultrasurf  here.

2. UltraSurf is a single executable of 423 Kb in size and there is no need to install it on your computer you can start the program by double-clicking the executable file.

3. Start UltraSurf and Set UltraSurf Interface

After double-clicking the executable file, UltraSurf window will open UltraSurf interface. As shown in Figure 1 below, the interface will function keysultrasurf-01
UltraSurf and operating condition. It also will open an Internet Explorer browser, which displays the home page UltraReach.Net. If you connect to Internet behind proxy server configured to use UltraSurf, click Options -> Proxy settings – as shown in Figure.

   Figure 1 : Ultrasurf Proxy Settings


  Figure 2 : Ultrasurf Interface


At the same time, a lock icon appears at the lower right corner on the monitor screen (Figure 2).

  Figure 3 : Ultrasurf Golden Key


4. Set your browser to use the following proxy and port : proxy :  port : 9666 as shown in Figure below:

 Figure 4 : Browser Settings


Do share with us that what is your own experience of using proxy sites like ultrasurf to unblock facebook or unblock youtube.

Download Ultrasurf