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35 Cool Free Windows 7 Themes You Might Want to Try

Windows 7 Themes are one of the best feature which I like the most in Windows 7 operating system. There are plenty of good windows 7 themes available on the internet today but which are the best, after trying a number of themes on my PC I

How To Make The Hibernation Work Better in Windows Vista, XP and 7

With the increasing pressure of work and shortage of time, new generation is becoming hastier than ever. Most of the time we try to find shortcuts for the tasks we do, whether it’s some manual job to be done, or some technical. Same is with the case

Top 10 Best Open Source Software For Windows 7

Open source applications are praised upon due to the fact that users can modify its code and such. Windows 7’s applications is in the hundreds of thousands, some of which are open source. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best open source software for

Top 10 Best Tips To Customize Windows 7

With Windows 7 being an extremely solid operating system for Microsoft, tips the company don’t usually convey can further enhance a user’s experience. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best tips to customize Windows 7. Best Tips To Customize Windows 7 10. Smart menu

Top 10 Best Free Windows 7 Software

With any operating system, software is an ever-present necessity for users. With the amount of software available free of charge on the Internet, there’s countless applications that are suitable; in this case, for Microsoft’s Windows 7. VOICEABLE has, therefore, compiled a list of the top ten best free Windows

50 Best Windows 7 Themes for Free Download

Windows 7 is the best operating system software launched by Microsoft in 2009 with number of advanced features included in it. Windows 7 is being used by almost every people either on their PC or Laptop. So, Today we are going to share the best free collection

Top 7 Image File Creator And Burning Tools For Windows Users

Nero is the one of the most popular burning tool to make a CD/DVD. When ever we think about to make a CD/DVD  Nero is the first name which suddenly comes in our mind. There are many versions of this software application which introduces the new features