Top 10 Best Open Source Software For Windows 7

Open source applications are praised upon due to the fact that users can modify its code and such. Windows 7’s applications is in the hundreds of thousands, some of which are open source. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best open source software for Windows 7.

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10. GOM Player :Best Open Source Software For Windows 7

GOM Player is one of the best open source software for Windows 7 as far as media players go. The application supports XviD, DivX, FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4 and H263 formats.

9. Open Office :Best Open Source Software For Windows 7

Open Office, as its name implies, is an open-source project that sees the deliverance of several useful applications related to spreadsheets, word processing, graphics, as well as databases.

8. ImgBurn :Open Source Software For Windows 7

ImgBurn is one of the leading applications in relation to the burning of programs, etc., to disks. The program supports various image file formats including BIN, CCD, CDI, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG, as well as PDI. Additionally, it supports other formats such as AAC, APE, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4, MPC, OGG, PCM, WAV, WMA and WV.

7. ClamWin :Best Open Source Software For Windows 7

ClaimWin acts as a virus scanner that is open source-supported. It allows users to have access to high detection rates for viruses, in addition to spyware, as well as being able to schedule scans for one’s Window 7 operating system.

6. 7-Zip :Best Open Source Software For Windows 7

7-ZIP is an open source program that is centered towards a compression tool for most formats relating to compression such as ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR, as well as Z.

5. Drupal :Best Open Source Software For Windows 7

When it comes to a content management system, there are the market leaders WordPress, as well as Joomla and custom systems but Drupal is one of the best in terms of customization with one of the reasons being it’s open sourced.

4. Crystal Dew World

The creator of the website has two applications up for download, both of which are of an open source nature. CrystalDiskMark, for example, sees the measurement of sequential reads, as well as writing speed. The other application in question is a HDD/SSD tool that supports S.M.A.R.T. in the form of CrystalDiskInfo.

3. FileZilla :Best Open Source Software For Windows 7

FileZilla is arguably the best file-transfer protocol application available for Windows 7. Its simplicity and easiness to use is unprecedented paired with a clear and accessible user interface.

2. Mozilla FireFox

Mozilla’s FireFox browser has come leaps and bounds in the browser market. It has eclipsed several other top browsers to come behind in second with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer being first.

1. VLC :Best Open Source Software For Windows 7

VLC has eclipsed its media player counterparts for several years now. The user interface it features is one of the most simplistic UI’s available in any media player, and with the application supporting MP3, as well as various other formats including ones that are related to videos, VLC is one of the best open source software for Windows 7.