Top 10 Best Tips To Customize Windows 7

With Windows 7 being an extremely solid operating system for Microsoft, tips the company don’t usually convey can further enhance a user’s experience. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best tips to customize Windows 7.

Best Tips To Customize Windows 7

10. Smart menu icon changer

The default start up button for Windows 7 is, as expected, the typical trademark graphic the operating system features. To change it, however, Start Orb Changer delivers several icons that can be chosen to replace the default icon.

9. Adding videos to Start menu

By default, Microsoft has decided to not include a videos link on the start menu. To do so, right-click the Start icon and then select Properties, where a tab for Customize will appear. A video section is showcased near the footer of the window, which has a display as a link option.

8. Choose quantity of programs for Start menu

To choose the a select quantity of programs that are to be showcased in the Start menu, right click the Start icon; navigate towards Properties, click Customize and an option is present allowing users to set the amount of recent programs to be displayed on the Start menu.

7. Power button customization

To change the default Shutdown power button that is present within the Start menu, right click on Start and then click Properties. After that’s done, select a power button of your choice which will become the default option.

6. Expanded ‘Send To’ menu

In order to bring up an expanded menu in regards to sending a folder, Shift should be pressed upon right-clicking a folder which will consequently display an expanded ‘Send To’ menu.

5. Command Prompt feature for folders

Windows XP featured a useful tool of a ‘Open Command Window Here’, but it’s not as obvious to locate in Windows 7. To do so, press Shift upon right clicking a folder which will then be showcased in the context menu.

4. Increase file transfer speed

File transfer speeds can always be a headache for users and it can easily be avoided via the utilization of TeraCopy; the application can deliver considerable increases regarding file transfer speeds.

3. Control Panel shortcut within Taskbar

A simple drag and drop operation to ensure a Taskbar shortcut for the Control Panel won’t work. Instead, the Control Panel should be opened with its icon being right-clicked to see it pinned to the taskbar.

2. Replace default Logon interface

For those who want to completely change the logon interface upon Windows 7’s boot up, then Logon Changer Utility can assist with exactly that to an arguably satisfactory extent.

1. Programs access via keyboard shortcuts

To open a specific program via a shortcut, right click on the program’s icon itself and then hit Properties. A Shortcut tab is showcased, where you should then type the keyboard shortcut within the Shortcut key area.

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