Hey folks were you impressed by the Samsung Galaxy Note which was introduced at IFA 2011? If so then are you really intending to purchase it? Well before you insert your hand in your pockets be sure to read this news carefully!

First of I’ll start with the features of the phone then will come to it’s price! Well, reportedly, Techblog.gr coped to run the Quadrant benchmark test on this phone at the IFA and obtained quite remarkable scores. The phone coped to chase a score of 3,624. To put that digit into viewpoint, the Galaxy S II running on a 1.2GHz processor accomplished 3,538 in tests. Well, that’s terrifc! Moreover the Galaxy Note also has a 1280 x 800 resolution display, with almost 2.5x the digit of pixels on the Galaxy S II’s display. Besides, the Galaxy Note introduced at the IFA was most likely a pre-production unit so that the scores might get better afterward. This implies that you will get a quite robust performance from the Galaxy Note when it arrived by the conclusion of this year!

Now folks here are the bad news. The manufacturer has declared the cost for the Scandinavian countries and it doesn’t get going. The Galaxy Note will be on sale in Denmark in the month of November for 5,600 Danish krone, (around $1,066). In the meantime, Norway will be receiving it for 5,700 Norwegian krone (around $1,052), Sweden will get a hold of it for 6,000 Swedish krone ($929) and Finland will acquire it for €799 ($1,133).

That must of the price takes the Galaxy Note far away from the territory of smartphones and into tablet realm. Actually it is more costly than even the most pricey iPad 2 ($829), which is where the setback appears as the Galaxy Note cannot compete such top-notch tablets like the iPad 2 or the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Though, it will already be isolating the smartphone purchasers searching for something more packed in. Well, we shall see about that when it launches!