Let’s talk about Microsoft Windows 8 for now! The question might be plunging in your mind that what hardware requirements will be there for Windows 8. The renewal of CTRL+ALT+DEL system and NFC touch points are the highlights. Reviewing the latest documents about Win8, it is confirmed that

Hardware Specification for Windows 8 :

  • Convertible PCs and Tablet PCs must have a screen resolution of 1366 x 768. Apart from that the machines should have the property of 5 point multi-touch.
  • Those x86 machines should have a resume in less than 2 sec. It is interesting that this resume time perimeter is not built in to ARM-based Win8 PCs.
  • All these machines should have a fair collection of sensors plus a digital compass, gyroscope, ambient light and 3-axis accelerometer.
  •  Five software specified hardware buttons like rotation clock, power, volume up and down and windows key should be included. The final button’s diameter must be of at least 10.5 mm but there is a choice for manufacturers to make it in various shapes like square, circular or any shape they would like.
  • Microsoft technology is definitely moving towards something innovative for the usability of latest hardware, something that can mainly be improved than the short-ranged Wireless tech’s array.
  • Win8 Pc should have some kind of warning printed on the manufactured item to show where the NFC contact point is built.
  • The new PCs for Win8 must have at least 10 GB of drive capacity free to support the new feature of no-reboot graphic driver’s installation.
  • CTRL+ALT+DEL is converted into pressing WIN key and power button concurrently for restarting and joining a domain.
  • Webcams must be of 720 p and Direct 3D 10 devices graphics are compulsory along with WDDM 1.2 drivers

The initial Win8 Tablets are expectedly coming in second half of year 2012.