Regardless of being a really unique game, doesn’t actually meet all the expectations of players who are always waiting for something more genuine and close to life. Everyone hoped something like the 05 and 06 Spore demos which were exceptionally good, but finally when the game came in hands, it was not as impressing as it used to be. It was heard initially in mid 2008 portraying such a game where everything can be controlled but it wasn’t really like that.

Despite of all these drawbacks, Spores has attracted countless players due to its cuteness and exceptional graphics. Players are always looking for some tips so that they could enjoy it flawlessly. Here we are giving some cheats for you. Enjoy!


Cheats Results
moreMoney Add 2,000 money in Civilization / Add 1 million money in Space
refillMotives  Replenish depleted health and other motives
evoadvantage  Start a new game and choose any creature from the Sporepedia (requires patch v1.01 or later)
addDNA Add 150 DNA points
unlockSuperWeapons  Unlock all super weapons for your civilization type
levels –unlock  achievements from being unlocked
spaceCreate  Unlock and recharge all Space mode creation tools
setConsequenceTrait [trait name]  Set consequence trait
SetTime [1-24],[0-59] Set time of day at the Avatar’s position; can be used as a speed multiplier
freeCam Toggle Free Camera mode
capturePlanetGIF Save spinning GIF image of your planet to “AnimatedAvatars” directory
rename star [name]        Rename indicated star in Space stage
freedom [on or off] creations that break limits will not be pollinated
universeSimulatorPirateRaidFrequency[number] Set rate that pirates will raid your systems
blocksmode Blocky creature form (requires patch v1.01 or later)
Killallhints Removes all hints
help [command] Explains action and usage of a command
help -full Extended help for commands

credit: Cheatcc