The Sims, listed as one the hot favorite games for PC game lovers has also won the credit of being the best seller game. It has taken a start from the original ‘The Sims’ and got advanced by expansion packs additions. Then we got The Sims 2 and Now ‘The Sims 3’ is getting popular among gamers. EA brought many wonders via this great game and now since its last release, Sims 3 has been using the next gen PC hardware offering us the great experience of exploring the neighborhood and the customization of almost all traits of a sim.

The Sims 3 guide gets start showing a tour of Basic ‘Sunset Valley’. Well it is the basic and only town that is included with Sims 3 at the beginning. The good thing is that you may easily scroll through the complete valley without any botheration of loading screens. You will observe various features here which were included in The Sims 2 expansion packs. The routine life pattern is the same and gamers will be familiar with that. The thing which is new and will take time to get used too is the various new locations of town. If you will not be familiar with the locations, it will irritate you much during the gameplay. This guide is going to help you how you can sort the places. There are options given where you can choose workplaces, restaurants, public parks, grocery markets, graveyard and other locations. Like if you will select workplaces, all the workplaces will be indicated and you can easily choose one while going anywhere through map view. It is quite easy. There is a section in edit town option which lets you change the river view according to your needs.

Now let’s get through the ‘create a sim’ tool. There are so many options you can use. In fact Sims 3 is giving you a whole customizable thing to play with. Guess what? You can even change the patterns of clothes, shoes and even accessories. The stuff can be changed and if you can give a lot of time to create a sim, you can even create a character which will look like you or anyone you desire up to 90%. You can change add the relationship between the house members, set their traits and they will actually behave as you have set them to.

Now come to the thing that how you want to start a game. There are three options. You can buy a home according to your budget, you can choose a prepared home from the ‘Buy a lot’ menu and place it to an empty lot at your desired location or you can purchase an empty lot and build your own dream home. There are also built in scenarios if you want to avoid the hectic process of creating a sim and building a home. You can choose any premade household to play.

As much as the furnishing of home is concerned, home décor items can add or subtract points from a sim’s mood. If they don’t like the purchased item, their mood will be affected badly but their favorite things will keep them happy and you can easily see what they actually want to purchase by general wishes tab. If you will buy what they are wishing, you will observe the addition of points in their lifetime happiness.

This was the basic guide providing you the information about how you can start the game as Sims 3 is a bit complex but once you have understood its features, it’s really fun to play and you can spend hours playing this. (Well, The Sims gamers have already knew that this is an addictive game for sure.)