Staying in good health involves many choices and actions. Eating nutritiously, exercising regularly, and visiting your physician are all parts of staying in the best of health.

There are many other ways to monitor your health with very little expense, though. One way to keep an eye on the condition of your body is to use Smartphone applications.

There are five very useful health apps available to keep you at the top of your game. Here they are.

1. Quit Guide

If you’re serious about kicking the habit of smoking, this app is one of the most powerful choices. Provided by the National Cancer Society, this high-tech tool offers tips on how to stop smoking and retain the ability to stay off.

In addition, it offers information and tips to help you further with facing down the urge to smoke. If you’ve had a really hard time quitting with the help of other solutions, this might be the one you need.

2. WaveSense Diabetes Manager

With this free app you can monitor your blood sugar levels and insulin dosage. This monitoring system gives you an array of color-coded results show if your glucose levels are high or low.

You can also tag the results and email a copy to your healthcare team. Armed with this information, your doctor can monitor your condition more closely, and cater solutions for your specific diabetic issues.

3. Sleep On it

This handy app provides a system to monitor your sleep habits. It catalogs how the quality of your sleep is affecting your moods.

You can record medications and symptoms to see how these might be affecting your sleep, especially during periods of poor sleep. Sleep On It is great if you suffer from sleep apnea or insomnia. The app can pinpoint exactly where your problems lie.

4. AsthmaMD

This great and innovative health tool maps your asthma triggers, the zones that cause your most severe reactions, and also shares the information with your doctor. There are functions that allow you to report information for the help of research on all aspects of asthma, too. The app utilizes a secure “cloud” storage program.

5. PTSD Coach

There are many potential causes of post-traumatic stress disorder. Whether it comes from childhood trauma or conditions that result from serving in the war, this application can help with all the symptoms.

The app, available for both the Android and iPhone platforms, offers assessments and information on treatment and coping tools. Users can also upload their contacts, photos, and music.

Try these five apps and more to improve your health significantly and keep a monitor on all aspects of your specific conditions. Remember to consult your doctor as well, before depending heavily on these smart device applications.