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120+ Ultimate Windows 8 Official HD Wallpapers for Free Download

Windows 8 is the latest addition to the successful generation of operating systems that Microsoft is so famous for producing. The operating systems produced by Microsoft have developed from being just simple operating systems to one of the most efficient and great operating systems in the market!

50 Most Beautiful Windows 8 Wallpapers

Windows 8 is finally here. Many peoples are rushing into the stores for their own copies and some are still battling with their decision. According to Microsoft, It is the most advanced Operating system of all time. If you are still in fear of facing the complexities

Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games of 2012

The Xbox 360 suffered a lackluster year in 2011. Its console counterpart, the PlayStation 3, delivered over 20 exclusives, most of which were blockbusters including Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Resistance 3 to name but a few. 2012, however, is looking bright for Microsoft’s platform. VOICEABLE has

Microsoft Windows 8 [Review]

  With the increasing popularity of Apple iPad, the old concept of laptops and gadgets is going to be changed this year. Microsoft has been quite efficient throughout the history of technology so how can it be going down now. The windows 8 based latest tablets are

Microsoft Experimenting With Tablet Controller For Next-Gen Console [Rumor]

According to the ‘Xbox World Magzine’, the upcoming Xbox is going to go along the idea of Ninetendo’s Wii U and present the gamers a controller based on touch screen. CVG reported that Microsoft Company is having a trial with the idea of manufacturing a touch screen

50 Best Windows 7 Themes for Free Download

Windows 7 is the best operating system software launched by Microsoft in 2009 with number of advanced features included in it. Windows 7 is being used by almost every people either on their PC or Laptop. So, Today we are going to share the best free collection