The Kingdom of Amalur lets you enter the world renowned as Faelands. You have to get back life as the inhabitant of a divisive mission called Well of Souls after being dead in a battle. The Kingdome of Amalur’s gameplay is something which you will see far beyond the ordinary RPGs. You are having super control over your character whether you are in battle or out of it and you will not find it complex, rather it is quite easy and enjoyable. The gameplay will have a strong hold to keep you bound unless and until 20 hours approx. The side contests which are additional and the supplementary adventures are beside it which can trap your mind too and extend your game play time. The gameplay is strongly built to organize all quests that the player can take whether they are primary or secondary. The number of quests is so vast and you can get them all shown on map, the locations where you have to apply them are also marked. After you have consigned your skill pts, you are offered some points through the ability’s tree which focuses on magic and weapons. These choices force your fighting options in game. The positive point is that that the strong game play keeps you involve seriously and you will be controlling a big ground on your this adventure.

Critics have said a lot about this game. We are stating here some of the critics’ review.

Gaming Nexus:

“Deep, polished gameplay wrapped around an interesting and engulfing universe with all of the bells and whistles RPG and action game lovers crave spread across enough content to keep you busy for months.”

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Game Chronicles:

“Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning isn’t the first action-RPG, but it is the first to put the focus on the action. This is easily the must-own, must-play RPG of 2012 so don’t miss out!”

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ZT Game Domain:

“An amazing game! I can’t suggest it enough. RPG fans will fall in love with the customization of both your character and equipment, action fans will love the thought out combat and fantasy fans will love the lore and story.”

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