Hey rumor lovers; here is another hot rumor for you to munch, especially for Lady Gaga’s fan club. The top most entertaining character Lady Gaga is about to appear in a video game. WOW! The rumor is that Lady Gama game is going to be developed via Ubisoft and it will be under the banner of EXPERIENCE. It will be designed for Wii and Wii U. Actually it is coming under the dance genre of Ubisoft which was started firstly in 2010 with “King of Pop Back in 2012”. It was the game based on Michael Jackson theme which was truly loved by his fans. Now another dance themed video game is on the way and it is reported to get released in 2012. Well, no further details are given about the date or month. No extra information are yet revealed about the gameplay, track list or Lady Gaga’s association with this latest rocking release (well, we just hope for the best).

Peeping into the Lady Gaga’s deep entertainment history, we can assume that her astonishing character is really fitted for the vide-game’s genre. Another excitement arousing news is that Luke Halliday, the Anime Expert had a specially designed Bubble Dress which he has been consecutively dreaming to put on is coming to the reality. Consider it just as a rumor until the official declaration is made.  But it is surely going to be the greatest release of Ubisoft for this year.