There are many critics who kept talking about Medal of Honor but if we just ignore it, it is a fact that we want more from this team.  It has been heard that the team is working on the sequel and it is rumored that it will be official next month. The new title has been called ‘Mystery Shooter Sequel’. As the Gamer has talked about this issue, UK publication will disclose ‘Medal of Honor 2’ in their next concern which is promised to release at 6th March.

As we already know that EA perhaps is having no battle based title for 2012, which is the reason to choose such a title. You can understand the idea by Call of Duty sequel. They are utilizing the Frostbite 2.0 engine for the better output. EA has always been shining with striking games title every year so it is not something unfamiliar for the upcoming franchise. A tweeter has tweeted,

“EA presentation was great, had mentioned of a new medal of Honor and Need for Speed 13! EA have an exciting year ahead”

Medal of Honor has got incredible sales, like over five million units. It is a fact that Medal of Honor multiplayer has not gained that much of appreciation. The operation was moving rather slow and doubtful all the time but it presented a true picture of modern war. Players who played this game were already guessing that the sequel of this game will be announced soon as it was revealed by the game pattern. It is just like that whenever you watch a movie like Spiderman, evil dead or harry potter, it’s always expected that there is something to go in sequel. The new game was firstly revealed in PSM3 upcoming issues, some magazines has told about the multiplayer mode, plot and many other features are under construction.

Well, these are just little chit chats we are discussing, the official announcement is yet to be dropped. So get ready for another exciting battlefield game of 2012.