The categories of games pertaining to Android is set in several categories, one of which is sports. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best free Android sports games.

10. 3D Hunting Alaskan Hunt Plus

Developers of Alaskan Hunt, Trophy Whitetail, Grizzly! Assault and Zombie Hunter has created 3D Hunting Alaskan Hunt Plus a hunting game that essentially is an arcade experience. Features for the game includes:

  • Weapons can be unlocked including a bow
  • Automatic bullet cam
  • Damage mapping

9. Football Kicks

Football Kicks is one of the best titles in regards to freekick based games available on the Android app store. Mastering your free kicks has never been more fun with access to:

  • 3D motion captured players
  • Customization options for in-game players
  • Beat the Wall, Beat the Clock and Sudden Death mode included

8. Darts 3D

With an advanced online multiplayer component, as well as single-player darts simulation experience, Darts 3D is a great app for dart simulation. Notable features include:

  • High-score and ranking support
  • Dart tournaments
  • Game replays, as well as spectating option

7. Bowling Game

Set in the forest, Bowling Games sees animals having a sports meeting with the challenge posed being 10-pin bowling to which the player’s role comes in. Features for the game are:

  • 10 rounds included
  • Bonus objects can be acquired
  • Animal obstacles

6. Air Hockey Speed

As its name clearly suggests and indeed effectively represents, Air Hockey Speed is a fast paced air hockey game that sees the deliverance of the following features:

  • Co-op mode included
  • Intelligent AI opponents
  • Visuals attributes are admirable

5. Penguin Baseball

Penguin Baseball has become a more and more popular title on the Android platform for the past year now with the objective being to smack a penguin as further away as possible. The game’s features are:

  • Responsive touch controls
  • Tapping of penguin initiates gameplay
  • High score feature


With SUPER KO BOXING 2, players can go toe-to-toe against difficult opponents who can be fought with a unique set of moves, as well as:

  • A total of 15 opponents
  • Signature moves
  • Several modes available: Circuit, Challenge and Endurance mode

3. Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket is about shot selection, as well as timing so there’s definitely a learning curve players will have to master. Other notable additions for the game consists of:

  • Statistics are detailed
  • Achievement support
  • World Domination comes in three levels

2. Virtual Table Tennis 3D

Ever wanted a fast paced table tennis action game on your Android? Virtual Table Tennis sees the deliverance of several features including:

  • Vibration force feedback
  • A total of 30 levels
  • Three difficulty levels

1. Streetball

Undeniably one of the best basketball titles available on the Android app market, Streetball allows players to challenge duos to a five minute game, in addition to:

  • Visuals are appealing
  • Two game modes; 2 On 2 and open court tutorial
  • A total of four playable characters