Life has become so swift that you can’t keep a record of your planned schedules, meetings and conferences. The old days are passed away and time has brought many changes to your life. One of those major changes is that the papers and files are shifted to digital record. It’s much easy to handle and to keep maintained as well as you don’t need any personal secretary for all these. Your iPad will work as your daily planner and PA. You will forget the tension of missing any occasion due to heavy work load and consequences with this handy application. Throw back your diaries and sticky notes; make your cabinets clean and your notes wall neater than ever. Get ready for the efficient assistance of My Meeting Pro HD at your iPad. Plan your meetings and arrange your schedule efficiently. This app is offered by Creative App Design which has been offering thousands of applications to solve the troubles of modern gadget users. It is a name to make your life simpler, easier and more efficient.

My Meeting Pro HD is fully packed with features as it not only helps to plan and conduct your important meetings but also you don’t need any separate note taking or concluding. Our efficient app will help you in taking notes (white board capability) and also the summarization of meeting in a few taps.


We are listing here some most attractive features offered in My Meeting Pro HD.

  1. The basic feature is that planning meetings and schedules are easier while using this app. Sometimes it’s tough when you have two or more occasions on same date. You can easily record them all with one tap and you will be protected from missing any scheduled meeting.
  2. This app has a cool feature of contact list which helps you to invite your desired attendants for the meeting easily, without using any separate contact record.
  3. Agenda making is made easier with this popular app.
  4. You can easily send the complete detail of meeting like planned date, time and agenda of meeting via E-mail.
  5. Time- keeping feature helps to track the coming meetings.
  6. Minutes and notes can be efficiently taken with the agenda time.
  7. This app also allows you to take audio track record of the meeting.
  8. It helps you to take pictures of whiteboard, chart and drawings of meetings.
  9. The most amazing thing is that this app efficiently summarizes the meeting substance with the help of recorded notes, audio files and pictures.
  10. Just like the meeting invitations, you can easily distribute the after meeting material and notes to all of the attendants with just one click.


This handy app is packed with features as we have overviewed. More advance features are also there like display options. You can change the display of your app at any time with lots of cool layouts. Moreover you may easily calculate the total cost which is used to conduct the meeting. Business field is over grooved with the troubles of upset schedules, unfinished agendas and undesired expenditures of meetings. With this efficient tool, you can overcome all of these tensions. It is a must-have for business buddies so don’t miss it!

Buy at Price: 12.99$

Rating: 4.5/5