It has always been a phobia for me to get my iPhone dropped accidentally in water or some wet place. It can ruin your precious gadget. Sometimes we are in a position to save it from ruining but because of our hastiness, we lose that chance. In this worthy guide, we will let you know the methods to get your iPhone back to working position. Try these things before rushing to Apple store for claiming because you will have to pay if you want to exchange your wet iPhone because it is a rule that wet devices are not exchangeable. You can get a new one on discounted price may be but don’t even think that you will misguide them by saying that it stopped working suddenly. These gadgets have a built-in sensor that tells if it is dropped in water. So don’t try to deceive and just tell them clearly what happened.

Ok now let’s get to the tips,

There are chances when you drop your phone or may be by mistake you may jump or fell in a swimming pool while having your iPhone in your pocket. Don’t panic at such accident and avoid some mistakes which we make usually in harassment.

Remember! Never Try to Turn Your Phone on at the Moment;

It seems a bit awkward that I’m advising to not to turn on your device because it’s natural that after drying its screen, the first step you will take will be to turn it on to see if everything is working fine. Believe me, it can be the worst thing you will do to your phone. Reason is that when your phone is dropped into the water, it is like it goes on standby mode, and when you turn it on, you increase its electricity activity which can literally burn your phone. So never try to turn it on.

Dry Out Your Phone;

First of all, wipe away all the water with some absorbing cloth or tissue paper. Then shake it to evict any trapped water in your device. Give it a few shakes and dry it out as much as you can.

Be Careful if using a Hairdryer;

It is a common practice to use a hair dryer for drying out the water because the heated air can work well to dry out dampness more quickly than anything else. I have heard from many iPhone, iPad or other iOS device users that they have done this trick successfully to save their wet devices. If you are going to do the same thing, keep in mind one thing. Try to set the heat frequency to the lowest and give breaks while drying out. If you will keep dryer on for a long duration, it might heat up the sensitive internal parts of your phone and damage it. So give it breaks to let it be cooled down.

Silica Packets, the Best Moist Absorbers;

These are the tiny little bags which you may find in everything which can be damaged by moisture. Like gadgets or medicines etc. Though they are poisonous and you will find out the warning written on them, “Do not eat”, but believe me those tiny things can really save the life of your phone. Let me tell you how,

Only thing that you have to do is to fill up a plastic bag type of things with these silica bags and then put your phone in that bag, covered with those packets. Now seal up that bag and forget to open it until at least overnight or preferably for 48 hours. They will suck as much moisture as they can from your device and believe me it really works magically. The only thing you have to avoid here is to not to be hasty for opening that bag to see if your device has started working. Don’t open it at least for 24+ hours for best results. Again I’m telling you that turning on your phone while there is moisture still in it will fry your phone. So be patient!

No Silica Bags, Don’t Worry…Rice will do it for you;

Actually it is a good thing if you have around 100 of silica bags but of course, it’s not possible all the time to get as much as you want. Don’t panic at such situation. I’m telling you another trick which is more practical. Rice will do this magic for you. It is proved from many experiences that rice also work like silica balls to suck the moist. So take a plastic bag and fill it with rice, wait! Do one thing in your phone’s favor before this step, Put the rice on some tissue papers or a clean cloth and rub them to clean its powdery dust sort of thing because it will stick to your phone afterwards. I mean to say clean that rice with cloth as much as you can, now put them in a bag and just like silica method, put your phone in that rice. Now seal up that bag.  Wait for 24 hours as mentioned before and then take out your phone. This trick has worked for many people before and they are really happy with the results.

Keep in mind one thing, even if you get your phone back to working position by doing these tricks, it’s possible that some of its parts will show problem, like mic or ear piece. Or it might get flickers at its display. Mean to say that possibly it will not work like new one but it’s better to try those tricks than to waste your money. I hope you will be happy with the results.