I do not think that any single individual on this earth should doubt when I say that Productivity is one of the most important pieces of life. When we speak of productivity we refer to the various growths in the sectors of varied importance to the human species. Be it the sector of education, sports, management, science, arts, commerce, trade, etc. Unless there is growth in productivity there is no scope for improvement both socially and financially. Productivity can be defined in simple words as the rate of growth of a brand or product both financially and socially.
Best Android Productivity Apps

Let us consider an example of a farmer. What does a farmer do? Yeah! This is a very simple question! He plays and irrigates the land to grow crops on it. It is quite simple to speak of. But consider this that if his land is not productive then where will he get his money from? How will he grow financially? How will his status in the society develop? Now this becomes a bit complicated. Am I Right? To be spoken of Mass things now, the scenario is all the same! Be it a big Multinational Firm or be it a simple small town business! The logic and need of productivity remains all the same!

Thus the question might arise in your minds that from where does this productivity come? Let me say. Productivity is not an entity that it can be brought in or bought from somewhere. It is the result of a long series of hard work and commitment to your job. This is precisely not at all easy to achieve. One has to face a lot of difficulties in this case. Like you might miss some point, forget about an important meeting, might get late to deliver some files in lieu of power Cut, Internet failure, etc. One requires a lot of dedication and love towards the work to achieve the productivity wished for.

The android devices come with many productivity applications that are bound to help you in the cause of increasing the productivity of your business. There are applications that keep appointments for you, help you to store important files in case of an emergency, and even allow you to create some kind of a basic presentation to deliver. There are many applications available in the Google play store that might just help you in the cause and VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top ten best Android productivity apps.

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10. Evernote :Best Android Productivity Apps


Evernote is a great productivity application for Android due to users being able to take instant notes, in addition to voice memos, as well as attachments, photo snapshots and  file uploads. The application is suited for Android owners who need to turn to an effective source which delivers all of Evernote’s features:

  • Creating text, photo and audio notes
  • Auto-synchronize your notes to your Mac or PC
  • Users can mark notes as “Favorite” for quick access

9. Dropbox :Android Productivity Apps


Dropbox has been increasing its Internet presence for a good few years now, and now it has made its way onto the Android platform. Dropbox allows users to have an account which stores stored files and folders on one centralized account. That can be accessed and consequently utilized in terms of downloading such stored files and folders onto one’s Android device.

  • Save email attachments straight to your Dropbox account
  • Always keep your files wherever you are
  • Add files to “Favorites” for a faster and more efficient way to view when offline
  • Save photos and videos to your Dropbox account

8. ASTRO File Manager


Android’s default File Manager is a neat utility to have at our disposal, but ASTRO File Manager really does have a better interface in addition to being more productivity-based. Its key features include:

  • File management
  • File and/or app backup, in addition to image and text viewers, networking and Bluetooth
  • SFTP, Zip/ Tar, downloader, thumbnails, search files
  • Application manager, task manager, attachments

7. Springpad

Springpad allows users to save products, places, as well as notes and products they want to revisit. An automated feature sales effective organization, in addition to an enhanced tool that utilizes the Internet in order to retrieve and showcase useful links related to a product, movie, location (such as a pizza store near your area), etc. The application’s notable features are:

  • Take quick notes in order to save ideas and information
  • A useful feature of creating tasks and lists, as well as manages to-do lists
  • Products, places, movies and more can be looked up with enhanced information deliverance
  • Scan bar codes, take photos or record a voice
  • Set reminders for anything saved by Springpad

6. Any Cut

Just like a desktop on a PC, the Android menus can become fairly cluttered. Thus, to navigate and access applications more quickly and easily – which would inevitably consequently result in increased productivity due to being able to execute such applications – Any Cut has made its way onto the market delivering:

  • Creation of Home shortcuts to anything located on the Android
  • Support for popular shortcuts such as directly calling a phone number or sending an SMS
  • East to execute Any Cut application

5. GDocs :Android Productivity Apps

Google Documents have made a suitable transition as an effective productivity application for the Android. The app allows users to view, as well as edit documents that are saved on a Google Docs’ account. Its key features include:

  • Sleek and simple interface
  • Upon saving, automatic sync with Google Docs occurs
  • Create documents
  • Import, in addition to export, as well as sending documents feature

4. CamCard Lite

CamCard Lite

CamCard Lite is an application that gives users the opportunity to take pictures of business cards, which can then be scanned by importing the picture onto a Rolodex account. Notable features for the app are:

  • Trim and enhance feature for card image before saving it into Card Holder
  • An option to save into phone’s Gmail or/and Exchange contact
  • Language type recognition for the card’s image content.
  • Rotation feature for the card image

3. Jorte :Best Android Productivity Apps


Jorte is a productivity application that primarily a personal organizer, which was designed to deliver a the general feel of a real paper-based personal organizer. Key features entail:

  • Scheduler function which can be customized by a several styles
  • Calendars displayed within a month or weekly format
  • Significant schedules can be prioritized accordingly
  • Data can be imported from a CSV file, or be exported

2. Note Everything

Note Everything

Note Everything is an application which its name represents perfectly; anything and everything can be noted by a user in this application with its key features being:

  • Create text easily
  • Voice, as well as paint-notes feature
  • Notes can be organized via the utilization of folders
  • Shortcuts can be created on the Android’s Home menu
  • Send notes, in addition to having access to live folders

1. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a clever application that undoubtedly boosts productivity. It allows users to check off tasks easily, in addition to organizing upcoming tasks. Other features include:

  • Add and complete tasks on the go.
  • Sync with Remember The Milk online (limit once every 24 hours). Great for backing up your tasks and notes.
  • Organize the way you want to with priorities, due dates, time estimates, repeating, lists, tags, and more.