Are you an iPhone user? If so, you might be looking for everything which can make your smart device quicker and customized than ever before. The software developers have a sharp vision to observe your requirements and demands.  That is why software market never lets you down when you wants something new.

The latest smart-phones arrival is fully loaded with the features which offer a great command over your daily time management features like calendar, notes or diaries. Everything is made available at a single tap that every user can do it without bothering his fingers more than a few touches.

Only this “easy to access” approach is enough to make more and more space for these time-saving applications in software market. Here, you are going to get introduced with such another application which can make android like quick calling or messaging on your iPhone Home Screen.

We have seen the emergence of many such tweaks for our smart-devices  which are based on automating certain regular tasks or schedules but the most recent one is a web-based service ‘Quick Contact’ by Jeff Broderick. This hottest application of today gets your favorite contacts right at your single touch, WOW!

This application is a web-based application which provides its user to create quick calling or texting shortcut at his spring-board. There is a set of icons you can assign to the created shortcut. You may also give name to the quick access shortcut as you desire. These icon images are built within the application. Therefore, it is not necessary that you can choose only from that default set, you have got a free choice over here too. You can upload your own created icon if you want something different for your favorite contact.

You can imagine how much quick this can be for you, you don’t need to go through your contact book to make a call or launch message application to send text. It will work just like other applications on your home screen, just a single touch away. One thing that may interfere before you can use this application is that you need a certified copy of this application before its automation starts working.

Well, I guess the next upgrade to this application will make your email easy to access too or may be something smarter is about to approach!