iPad 2’s camera is a great utility for users to utilize; the HD aspect of the current generation iPad delivers a lot of tools for users in terms of video capture, as well as capturing images. There’s a batch of photography applications relating to the iPad 2; VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 iPad 2 photography apps.

10. PicYou: Best iPad 2 Photography Apps

PicYou is an excellent application for sharing photos with friends and families. As well as connecting with people around the globe, the app features:

  • PicYou frames
  • Upload unlimited photos
  • Share photos on Facebook and Twitter

9. DECOPIC: Best iPad 2 Photography Apps

DECOPIC is an application that allows users to add decorations to one’s photos. In addition to over 300 stamps and frames, the application features:

  • Various stamps
  • Add frames
  • Upload them to Twitter or Facebook

8. PowerCam: Best iPad 2 Photography Apps

Wondershare Software-developed PowerCam sees the deliverance of professional photography editing tools. Features for the application entail:

  • Share creations
  • Numerous editing tools
  • Various languages

7. Photos Wall: Best iPad 2 Photography Apps

If you’re an iPad 2 user who likes to take photos, as well as edit them, Photos Wall is the application for you due to its simplistic user interface, as well as:

  • Customize images
  • Batch of frames
  • Share photos

6. Morelomo: Best iPad 2 Photography Apps

Morelomo is an application based on snapshots with accidents including over-saturated colors, lens artifacts, etc., being easily rectified via in-built tools. features entail:

  • Day and night tool
  • Shoot from the hip
  • No skills needed

5. Fotolr Photo Studio:

Fotolr Photo Studio delivers an accumulative of 23 functions that relate to the processing of images, in addition to photo editing tools, as well as:

  • Photo effects
  • Resize images
  • Adjust colors

4. Pixlr-o-matic: Best iPad 2 Photography Apps

Autodesk’s Pixlr-o-matic gives users the ability to add simple, retro, grunge, clean, stylish looks onto select images. Features for the application are:

  • Amplify tone
  • Randomizer
  • Share photos

3. Fotolr Camera FX+:

Fotolr Camera FX+ is for the more advanced photography users who like to experiment with their photos with effects including features such as:

  • Vibrant
  • Sepia
  • More than 50 effects

2. Polarize: Best iPad 2 Photography Apps

If you’re looking to add a funky, retro style to your photos then Polarize is the application for you. Some of the features for the app are:

  • Unique look
  • Any size photo
  • Write at the bottom of images

1. Instagram: Best Free iPad 2 Photography Apps

Instagram has gained a reputable image and reputation for being one of the premier destinations to upload and share photos. Its iPad 2 application delivers:

  • Enhance images with tools
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Share on social media networks