For the ultimate traveler in you, there are some tricks that will help you on your journey. Just as packing correctly and making sure your vehicle is at optimum performance, using the right apps can really make the difference between mundane travel and an exciting adventure.

Technology has given us the 20 ultimate travel apps to make our trip extraordinary.

1. Tripit

This is an travel email organizer. All the confirmation emails you receive can be organized and sent to your smartphone and filed together.

2. UNESCO (World Heritage location guide)

This guide provides a list of at least 900 sites that are among the more popular destinations and historical locations. A few are probably on your bucket list.

3. XE currency exchange

If you plan on visiting another country, you’ll need this app. You can convert currency even when the Internet connection is bad. This is done with the app’s memory, which retains the last-viewed currency exchange.

4. Google Translate

Who doesn’t love this little handy app? Most of the major languages can easily be translated in minutes with Google Translate.

5. Dropbox photo sharing

This neat little system provides you with access to files and gives you a quick way of sending photos out as well. Dropbox can make sending important photos a cinch.

6. Accu Weather (weather report)

This handy app gives you the seven-day forecast and current temperature readings.

7. Google Goggles

This tool lets you take pictures and then immediately Google or translate the image. This is useful when traveling and wanting to know the significance of objects in certain locations.

8. Jetlag Genie

This app is useful if you’re prone to jetlag. It takes your flight information and suggests measures for you to avoid health issues like jetlag or the sensation of ear popping. It may seem simple, but this app works wonders.

9. Convert Clothes – clothing size converter

This app does exactly what its name suggests. It converts clothing sizes when you’re shopping abroad.

10. Tipping Bird

This useful app helps you decide how to tip restaurants and cabs in locations around the world.

11. Every Trail – Location guide

This wonderful app is especially great for lovers of the outdoors. If you’re looking for hiking trails or paths, this location device will find them.

12. Trip Splitter (Financial Organizer)

This simple application keeps up with who spends what on different locations and tourist attractions. At the end of the trip, if costs haven’t been split evenly, you can calculate what’s owed to whom using this awesome little app.

13. Due – Travel Organizer

This app alerts you when it’s time to move on to another attraction or event in the trip. Often, we get caught up in an activity which causes us to miss out on another part of the itinerary. That’s what makes this app so handy.

14. aMetro – Transport Organizer

This app helps navigate train and subway systems. It is as simple as that.

15. UPacking list

The app takes information from your trip itinerary and creates a packing list. This helps you get organized before the trip.


You can use this app to find the best accommodations for your trip. It provides both hotel prices and reviews.

17. Around me – location finder

This gadget finds local pubs and restaurants, and tells you exactly how far away they are, even if it’s only a couple of yards.

18. Trip Advisor

This gathers travel reviews of many destinations around the world.

19. Airbnb

This app lists accommodations for either vacation rental or sale.

20. Google Maps

A basic app we cannot forget is Google Maps. This tried-and-true location finder is still wildly popular.

For a more stress-free journey, utilize your apps. These ultimate travel apps apps will make your trip a breeze.