Even though Microsoft have failed to capitulate the phone market, they still have a user base that’s decent enough for hundreds of applications being made available for Windows Mobile. VOICEABLE have, then, compiled a list of the top ten best free Windows Mobile applications.

10. Fring :Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

Fring are known for their instant messaging services they provide. They’ve ported it onto Windows Mobile and has thus become a key application for those who either have several IM accounts, or just want a particular one (all of them have a sleek and simplistic interface). AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, SIP, Skype, Twitter and Yahoo are the services supported.

9. TwitToday :Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

While this isn’t an application at its premise, TwitToday is still a useful tool for anyone who has a Windows Mobile and uses the social networking site. It’s fundamentally a plugin for you device’s ‘Today’ screen which allows users to post tweets to their Twitter accounts.

8. Opera Mobile

Opera was one of the classic browsers which went head to head with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Gradually, it lost its importance in the browser market but it’s still a great choice for mobile platforms.

7. YouTube Player

Windows Mobile doesn’t have too many YouTube-based applications available, but the few which are available are all that’s needed – one of which being YouTube Player. Users can view videos in an FLV format.

6. iDialer :Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

This application changes the interface, as its name suggests, of the dialing screen in Windows Mobile. It essentially delivers a style more similar to the Android and some aspect of the iPhone. Also, Internet phone services including JaJah and Grand Central are both compatible with iDialer.

5. Skype :Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

Skype will essentially remove the necessity of topping up credit on one’s phone as Skype calls to other users of the service is free. Due to this, and due to the fact that Microsoft’s Skype has hundreds of millions of users, the application is a great alternative to the normal calling system.

4. iContact :Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

The Windows Mobile contact interface is good enough for the average owner of the phone, but with iContact, it transforms it into the more attractive and generally more better iPhone-inspired contact interface. Users can browse through their contacts with just one flick.

3. Pocket RAR

This Windows Mobile application is a simple, yet accessible port of Win RAR. Pocket RAR is suited to make smaller archives, resulting in users saving transmission time, as well as disk space. A graphic interactive interface, which includes a pen and menus, is present within the application. Users will also be able to browse for archives and files via a management mode. RAR & ZIP archives are the supported formats with the application allowing compressing, decompressing and deleting files in those formats.

2. Slick :Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

Slick is another application for IM messengers. However, this Windows Mobile app provides users with the ability to utilize emoticons, in addition to access to message history. Supported messengers are AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN and Yahoo.

1. Call Firewall :Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

Call Firewall delivers exactly what its name suggests – users can create blacklists, have access to a host of filtering options, a simplistic interface, and the arguably the main feature: an automatic SMS registering system for blocked callers, meaning they’ll receive a text informing they’re blocked. Also, Call Firewall runs in the background without slowing your Windows Phone and is one of the best free windows mobile apps.