When it comes to choose a web hosting service that may comply with your needs then you sure have to figure out that which operating system or platform will best fit you. As offered by the web hosting service providers, you can choose between Linux and Windows. But which platform is better and for what ? Webmasters searching for a hosting package have struggled with this question for years. So lets make it short and simple, just keep on reading, and you’ll come to know that which web hosting service is best for your website.

If you’re a casual webmaster and your non-commercial website consists of static HTML pages that were generated with boxed software, you’re most likely to host on a Linux server. It has been pragmatic that Linux Hosting is inexpensive, safe and much more stable in most cases. There are many users who have engaged with Linux Hosting and are satisfied. Linux is the best solution for you because Linux hosting costs less and you hardly ever need to delve into the more advanced functions.

The creativity of your website depends on you that how you design it for making it innovative and presentable but for this you need dynamic pages built by different language programs many of them are available but the most common amongst them are PHP, Perl and ASP. Don’t ever be conscious that if you are using windows desktop personal computer and generating web pages for your website on it, doesn’t mean that you have to go for Windows Website Hosting, the pages can be created in Windows and hosted on a Linux box and vice versa. There’s no problem with that! The operating system you use on your desktop has little to do with your choice of web hosts, not much.

As mentioned above, you rely upon PHP, Perl and ASP for building dynamic pages. Each of these languages has its own strengths and weaknesses, and occasionally one can give you something the others can’t, although not very often. PHP and Perl are Linux based while ASP is based on Windows so if you are preferring PHP and Perl for your website designing then you need to go with Linux Web Hosting and if you want to use ASP to power your website, then you should go with Windows hosting. However, ASP is also available on Linux hosting packages but precisely bear in mind that ASP won’t justify with Linux Server as it does with Windows Server. While you can also use PHP and Perl on a windows server they weren’t developed for that platform and they might not work as well. Some hosts have successfully implemented these programming languages for the different platforms, but not all. Make yourself clear about the scripts you plan to use because server configurations for Windows can be very different from Linux other wise the script could fail or not function at its full potential. It’s always a wise decision to go with the platform the scripting language was built for.

Most likely, Linux Servers are much more secure because Linux web hosting has been consistently reliable while Windows is a large target for abuse.


When comparing Windows and Linux, one thing that has been often noted is that Linux handles high numbers of processes running at the same time much better than Windows – since Windows’ stability decreases sooner when more processes run on the system. Linux is distinguished for its immovability, reliability and level of security and – why not state – lower costs. This in the end means that Linux might be able to squeeze more out of the server, but in the hands of a knowledgeable system administrator, a server will perform very well, regardless of the operating system, may it be Windows or Linux.