2011 was PlayStation 3’s best year since its inception during 2006. Sony’s black behemoth machine had seen the released of over 20 titles which were exclusively launched for the platform alone. 2012 is upon us and with another stellar year in gaming due, VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best PS3 games of 2012.

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10. Journey: Best PS3 Games

After an initial delay, Journey will finally grace PlayStation 3 consoles exclusively via the utilization of the PlayStation Network. Key features include:

  • Soothing gameplay
  • Stunning graphics
  • Co-op mode

9. Final Fantasy Versus XIII:

In what’s proven to be an extremely long overdue title (so much so that many doubted its PlayStation 3 exclusivity), Final Fantasy Versus XIII is finally set to launch during 2012 with additions entailing:

  • Explosive action
  • New story in the franchise
  • Exciting new weapons

8. Agent: Best PS3 Games

Although there isn’t a solid release date for Agent, the PlayStation 3 exclusive is being developed by Rockstar. What else is there to be said then the studio creating the title? Features include:

  • Set during the Cold War
  • Intriguing story
  • Stealth aspects

7. Yakuza: Dead Souls:

SEGA’s umpteenth Yakuza installment comes in the form of 2012’s Yakuza: Dead Souls, a zombie-infested title that is due to deliver the following:

  • Zombies included
  • New plot
  • Admirable graphics

6. Sorcery: Best PS3 Games

Sony’s PlayStation Move killer application is sure to be delivered in the form of Sorcery, several years following the motion controller’s release. Key features include:

  • Single-player story
  • Utilizes PlayStation Move well
  • Powered via Unreal Engine 3

5. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time:

This is by far the least hyped PlayStation 3 exclusive thus far for 2012, but Sucker Punch has never failed to deliver quality in their Sly Cooper titles. Although the developer has changed to Sanzaru Games, this iteration will include:

  • Sly Cooper and co return in new adventure
  • Revitalized graphics
  • Stealth elements

4. Starhawk: Best PS3 Games

Warhawk delivered hundreds of hours of pure fun to dedicated players. The team-based multiplayer-only game will receive a sequel in the form of Starhawk which will feature:

  • Campaign mode
  • Tons of new additions in multiplayer
  • Hawks can be controlled in outer-space

3. Twisted Metal: Best PS3 Games

It may not be the most anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2012 but the longest running ever PlayStation franchise will make a return with its first installment on the current generation PlayStation with features including:

  • Manic-filled multiplayer mode
  • Story mode included
  • Various characters and vehicles

2. The Last Guardian:

Although ICO and The Shadow of the Colossus lead developer, Fumito Ueda, left developer Team ICO and will continue working in a freelance capacity for the studio, The Last Guardian has been an anticipated title for Sony’s platform for years. Features will entail:

  • Trico included as character
  • Great visual attributes
  • Largely designed by Fumito Ueda

1. The Last of Us: Best PS3 Games

We’re fairly confident when The Last of Us was revealed during Spike’s Video Game Award show, PlayStation 3 console owner’s jaw dropped; acclaimed developer Naughty Dog want to ensure the title changes the industry forever with key features such as:

  • Multiplayer component
  • Groundbreaking storytelling
  • Breathtaking game world and environment