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20 Best Social Networking Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Credit: Flickr Social networking has changed the way we do things in several ways. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has changed the face of the Internet in both technological and social aspects forever, whilst other social networking services such as Twitter provide a lot of options for the iPad 2 in terms

20 Best Puzzle Games for iPhone or iPad

credit: Flickr Apple’s iTunes is the home to, literally, hundreds of thousands of games. One such category which is popular to the iPhone/iPad’s successor is undoubtedly puzzle. With thousands of games based on puzzle, iPhone/iPad owners are spoilt for choice regarding the best ones available. Voiceable has compiled a

Top 10 Best iPhone Christmas Apps

Christmas is a festive season that has been capitalized on by developers to create applications based on it. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best iPhone Christmas apps. You may be interested in our previous articles about this Christmas festival: Best HD Christmas Wallpapers for your

Top 10 Best iPhone Halloween Apps

Halloween is always a fun occasion and what better way to prepare for the day with iPhone applications based on it. The late October event always has a somewhat darker festive vibe to it and you can’t help but join in on the event.Voiceable has compiled a

Top 10 Best Free iPhone 4S Business Apps

The iPhone 4S has a large variety of application that are available, as well as growing on the Apple app store; one of which is business. A large proportion of iPhone users in general are business-oriented and there’s no doubt that proportion has increased with the launch

Top 10 Best iPhone 4 Games

iPhone 4 has experienced great success since its release. As it was the case with its predecessors, the amount of creators regarding games increased substantially with the App store now a source for some great, fun, as well as free gaming experiences. With hundreds of thousands of applications

Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2011

The quantity of iPhone application has been growing ever since the first iPhone’s release. Apple’s revolution App store boasts hundreds of thousands of applications. Apple has released a number of apps in this year 2011 & we have just few more days left before moving to 2012. 

Top 10 Best Free iPhone 4S Games

With the iPhone 4S’ groundbreaking success, millions are enjoying the iPhone 4 upgrade Apple managed to deliver. The app store has millions of applications, with a large proportion due to games – in particular, free games. In light of the user base the smart phone has and

Top 10 Best iPhone 4S Apps

While consumers may have been disappointed with Apple’s decision to launch an iPhone 4 upgrade, the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5 this year, the smart phone still managed to enjoy the best-selling launch in history with over four million units sold on day one. While former Apple

Top 10 Best Business Apps For iPhone

If you have a business and are in possession of an iPhone, then there’s no better way to manage and keep up with your business-related work via Apple’s app store. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten best business apps for iPhone. 10. WiFi Finder :Business