Christmas is a festive season that has been capitalized on by developers to create applications based on it. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best iPhone Christmas apps. You may be interested in our previous articles about this Christmas festival:

10. Good Food Festive Recipes :Best iPhone Christmas Apps

Get in the festive mood by preparing Christmas-themed food via the help of Good Food Festive Recipes. Features for the application include:

  • Find recipes via course, ingredient or type
  • Timer for turkeys
  • Save recipes to favorites

9. Christmas Radio :Best iPhone Christmas Apps

Based on an online streaming radio on SHOUTcast radio, Christmas Radio delivers an online streaming of thousands of radio stations, as well as:

  • Streaming is high quality
  • Theme is based on Christmas
  • 31,000 radio stations selection

8. Christmas Sudoku :Best iPhone Christmas Apps

Everyone likes a bit of Sudoku every now and then, right? It’s fitting, then, what with the season being Christmas, Christmas Sudoku delivers:

  • Support for retina display
  • Easy, Medium & Hard modes
  • Peer-to-Peer network play

7. Christmas :Best iPhone Christmas Apps

This particular Christmas application for the iPhone is a fully-fledged calender counting down to the major days within the season, in addition to access to:

  • Xmas day counter included
  • Songs based on Christmas
  • Advent calender which features surprises

6. Santa’s Christmas Village :iPhone Christmas Apps

With various Christmas-related games, an accumulative of 17 activities, computer painted graphics and more, Santa’s Christmas Village features useful Christmas-based tools including games such as:

  • Mahjong game included
  • Sudoku and Tic Tac Toe
  • Night Before Christmas

5. Let It Snow Globe :Best iPhone Christmas Apps

Recreate the joy of shaking snow globes with this iPhone application, Let it Snow Globe. The app’s features consists of some of the following:

  • Recreate snow globes via shaking iPhone
  • Customize one’s picture
  • Animated E-card can be created

4. Christmas Tree Decorator

Want to test out your decorating skills for Christmas trees without actually having to do it? You’re in luck as Christmas Tree Decorator brings tree decoration in a virtual sense with features such as:

  • Falling snow effect included
  • Two finger multi-touch function
  • 36 decorations to select from

3. Christmas Sounds :Best iPhone Christmas Apps

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit with sounds relating to the festive season. Christmas Sounds is free of charge and delivers:

  • Various and sounds related to Christmas
  • Play sounds whilst on a call
  • A variety of songs including We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Deck the Halls

2. Santa’s Run :Best iPhone Christmas Apps

In what’s proved to be an entertaining Santa game, players have to help Santa improve his aim during the off-season whilst travelling around the globe. Features for the game include:

  • Interface is user-friendly
  • Music is vibrant
  • Christmas countdown feature

1. Better Christmas List :Best iPhone Christmas Apps

Better Christmas List is essentially an application to help shopping is kept on time and keeps on budget. Notable features for the app are:

  • Passcode to prevent any potential peeking from others
  • Separate groups can be created for family, friends, etc.
  • Address book can become integrated