The iPhone 4S has a large variety of application that are available, as well as growing on the Apple app store; one of which is business. A large proportion of iPhone users in general are business-oriented and there’s no doubt that proportion has increased with the launch of the iPhone 4S. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best free iPhone 4S business apps.

10. Adobe Reader: Best iPhone 4S Business Apps

PDF files has changed an aspect of how business operates; the format is now universally used, and its iPhone 4S application features the following:

  • View PDF files
  • Search text
  • Print and share files

9. MyAccountant: Best iPhone 4S Business Apps

There’s currently a myriad of applications relating to managing one’s accounts via the iPhone 4S. However myAccountant is the pick of the bunch with features such as:

  • Record accounts in five seconds
  • Daily income record
  • Build daily income list

8. Image To Text – OCR:

ImageToText – OCR in an application that will see users extract their editable ASCII text via images, and then consequently share them with Evernote, email and such. Features include:

  • Extract text from images
  • Email text files
  • Text becomes editable

7. ExcelContactsLite:

In what’s turned out to be the world’s first of its kind, ExcelContacts allows users to transfer contacts to and from their iPhone without the interference of iTunes. Features are:

  • Print hard copy of contacts
  • Export contacts into Excel
  • Upload export files to Dropbox

6. JotNot Scanner: Best iPhone 4S Business Apps

JotNot allows users to convert their iPhone 4S into a multipage scanner. Documents, receipts, whiteboards and more can be scanned. Features entail:

  • Multipage support
  • Simplistic user interface
  • Photo library

5. Remote Desktop Lite – RDP:

With Remote Desktop Lite – RDP, users can connect to their Windows Workstation Computer in order to utilize the files, folders, etc., as well as access to:

  • RDP protocol
  • Wake on LAN
  • Printing feature

4. Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite):

Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) allows users to edit, as well as manage text files, in addition to spreadsheets. Other notable features are:

  • iSpreadsheet
  • File browser
  • Online and offline modes

3. Calculator. Free: Best iPhone 4S Business Apps

Every business-oriented user will need to utilize a calculator in one way or another quite regularly. Features for La Camera et Compass’s Calculator. Free entail:

  • Portrait and Landscape mode
  • Degrees calculations
  • Memory buttons

2. Office² Plus: Best iPhone 4S Business Apps

Office² Plus is a comprehensive office document tool for the iPhone 4S which allows users to create, as well as edit Word documents, in addition to:

  • Google Docs support
  • Create or delete folders
  • Email files

1. Box: Best iPhone 4S Business Apps

Box allows users to share files from anywhere they are; they can then be accessed on one’s iPhone, as well as iPad. Features for the application are:

  • View files on iPhone 4S
  • Share files
  • Upload photos