The proof that the Samsung I9250 is approaching towards its launch is turning out to be vast, since yesterday it was only a leaked user agent profile and today we have evidence in a form of dummy support page for the phone.

At this instant, the page is virtually blank with only containing some F.A.Q’s and How-to entries that don’t go with the Samsung I9250.

In any case, the I9250 is thought to be the upcoming Nexus phone, namely the Nexus Prime. It will be the first phone with the upcoming generation of Android OS that is Ice Cream Sandwich, which is expected to emerge in October.

Well, those tales are quite assured, not like the remaining specs for the Samsung Nexus Prime. Reportedly, the ultimate name of the upcoming Google flagship is Samsung Galaxy Nexus more willingly than Nexus Prime. It will sport a 4.65 inch screen of HD resolution, rather than 4.5 inch and WVGA resolution display!

Samsung phones’ previously has Super AMOLED screen with HD resolution, so the same unit to be used on next Google flagship makes quite a pretty logic.

However, the screen is arched just identical to the screen of Nexus S. The phone is quite thin measuring at 8.8mm – and contains a metal framework, contrasting the preceding handsets.

Reportedly, the end of October is the time when the phone will launch (with the launch of Ice Cream sandwich), apparently just following the iPhone 5’s arrival period. If that turns out to be true, then it’s sure a good blend of things, which will bring a whole lot of excitement!