If you want to connect sound booster or speakers with your mobile or Mp3 player, you will need some cable or Bluetooth like thing to do this. Leave it behind, technology has left this concept far behind. A wonderful device is going to use some connectivity source more like telepathy kind of thing instead of any output device.

Zac inc. which is a leading mobile accessory brand has announced their latest invention, the iFrogz boost speakers which are going to use the most modern technology which is called Near FA Technology. It is not something same, not even near to Bluetooth. Only you have to put your iPhone, iPod or any other device on the Booster and it will enhance the audio by a high quality 2-watt pair of speakers. No cabling, no connectivity, even no configurations is needed. Isn’t it amazing?

Ben Godfrey, the VP of Product Development at ZAGG’s iFrogz stated:
“We are dedicated to providing innovative mobile device accessories that enhance the mobile experience, The Boost is a useful and unique accessory that we know our customers will love.”

The question that emerges over here is that how this latest technology works?

It is a small palm sized booster of less than 3 inches broad and about 5 inch long. It weights approx 5.9 ounce (apart from batteries). Basically it is something like synchronizing the audio. iFrogz claimed that they didn’t even built something like microphone which can detect audio. It proves that the impression of being like a Surface Sound Technology is false. This is something beyond all these existing technologies.

It uses 3 AA batteries and gives 15 continuous hours of wonderful sound. You may enhance the output timing by giving it power by Micro USB cord. Its standby time on batteries is 6 months. It will be available in coming spring for only $40 at iFrogz.com. It was presented at the International CES 2012 for the very first time.