Handling your costly gadget matters much more than purchasing one. It seems tougher if you don’t sound technical. If you are going to fix the problem, you must know where the problem lies or you will cause more disturbance to your iPhone. Good thing is that troubleshooting your iPhone is not as tough as it looks to be. Using some tips, you may troubleshoot your phone yourself.

Frozen iPhone is one of the most common issues for iPhone users. Frozen is a state when iPhone is not working fully or partially. For fixing such problem, here is step-by-step procedure to troubleshoot your iPhone.

First step you have to take is,

1. Recharging your iPhone:

It’s the initial step you have to take when your iPhone is stuck or frozen. Plug in your phone for charging. Note that you have to use a high power USB cable and not the ordinary one. Low-powered USB ports don’t provide enough power to your phone. Now you have to verify that your phone is charging, it is so simple, if the red part of your battery indicator flashes 3 times and your iPhone’s screen becomes black afterwards, which shows your phone is not charging. Well, seems like this tip is not working, no problem! Here you have another step…

2. Restarting:

Before restarting your phone, first of all close any opened application (if there is any), you can do it by pressing the Home button for approximately 5-7 seconds. By doing so, any running application will be cancelled. Now restart your phone, press and hold the wake/sleep button until the red slider appears on screen. Now turn of your device by sliding it across the slider. After a minimum gap of 10 second, turn on your phone by pressing sleep/wake button until the apple logo appears on screen.

3. Reset your iPhone:

Still not working?

Try another tip, Reset your phone by pressing Home + sleep/wake button. You have to press and hold both buttons together. At doing so, screen will go blank and then white apple logo will appear. Don’t leave the buttons until the logo appears because it shows that your phone’s reset is done.

4. Content Removal:

If even resetting doesn’t seem to work, that means that some settings are creating trouble to your iPhone, there may be some awkward content that is not properly synced with your phone, you have to remove such content which may include photos, songs, videos, calendar entries, contacts etc. To change sync option, attach your iPhone with computer. Make sure that iTunes application is installed in your PC. Now using iTunes, click on each content listed above like contacts, calendar etc and change their sync option. When finished doing, apply all the settings and save changes. Hopefully this time your problem will be solved.

5. Settings Reset:

Restoring setting means two different ways,

1: Go to Setting>general>reset>reset all setting. If you will use this reset option, your phone will be reset without losing any data. Your messages, contacts or any of gallery files will not be deleted. Most of the times, this reset works well, but if you are still having problem, you have to use second reset option which is

2:  Go to Setting>general>reset> and choose ‘erase all settings’ from option tabs; this will remove entire data including contacts from your phone. Your phone will be really smooth in working as you have just bought it.

Note: Do it only if you have backup of your important data.

6. Restoring iPhone by iTunes:

This is the latest way to restore your phone, in case your in-phone options are not working properly, then you should try restoring your iPhone using iTunes website. Go to iTunes site, connect your phone and I the summary tab of source list, and click on Restore. Please note that this will remove all data from your phone.

If the above given solutions don’t work, go to apple.com and contact any support person to troubleshoot your device.