I am myself a huge fan of taking photographs. To say very precisely, the photographs speak a lot about the daily events that happen in your life. The eventual use of photographs is much well released when you turn to them a few years later. The photographs speak of the moments of happiness that we once shared. There is that saying, “Time Flies over, Leaves a shadow behind”. The photographs are those shadows. These will be the Shadows that will bring a tinge of a smile on our faces whenever they tickle our brain nerves with the blissful memories of the past that we shared.

Photographs are also a very important part of the events of our lives. They bear the witness of the happy ties that we spent. Special events like your marriage, your honeymoon, your first road trip, your first house, the first smile of your son, the first steps of your daughter, the first game of football of your son, the first family picnic, and etc, will all be kept in the treasure trove of the photo albums. Just imagine the kind of pleasure these things will give you when around thirty – five years later you sit down with your wife, your son, your daughter – in – law, Your daughter, your son – in – law, and your grandchildren and think of those days. It is Awesome. I have seen people doing the same things in my neighborhood. But this is a time of the bygone era. This the time of gadgets, electronic albums, social networking sites which hold in the albums that you upload. This is the time of gadgets. This is the time of Android.

Nowadays with the speed that our life is being lived in, it is quite understandable that the events also occur at that brisk pace. Thus the photos also come randomly.  This is where the photographic applications on Android come to such great use of the youngsters. You have a hangout, you go on a road trip, you go to some rock concert, and you take pictures. These pictures are exactly like the albums that your grandparents ponder over. But this is new, advanced. With the android photography applications you can easily, upload these pictures on the social networking sites and storing sites and share it with your loved ones anywhere on this earth.

Whilst the iPhone 4 has seen phenomenal success in regards to its camera, the amount of manufacturers utilizing Android as their device’s operating system has inevitably resulted in Google’s mobile platform’s operating system being able to benefit from countless camera resolutions. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 15 best Android photography applications.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express may not deliver the solid tools its PC application counterpart does, the application is still packed with useful inclusions including:

  • Edit and share photos wherever you are
  • Users can touch to crop, rotate, adjust color, and add artistic effects
  • Access all your photos and videos via Photoshop.com account
  • Share with family and friends instantly

Price: Free

2. Color Touch Effects :Photography Android Apps

Color Touch Effects can apply several effects to pictures, as well as recolor them. Users can, for instance, select a picture in order to turn it into a chosen color, to which it can be reverted to the picture’s original state via simple finger implementation. Other notable features include:

  • The app makes it simplistic to paint, move, zoom with your fingers
  • Two finger zoom feature
  • Black, white and sepia coloring in relation to blur

Price: Free

3. Retro Camera :Best Photography Android Apps

As one could assume from the application’s name, Retro Camera delivers a dose of nostalgia for Android users who are looking to implement a retro feel in their images. Notable features are:

  •  A total of 5 sets of vintage vignetting
  • Five cameras support
  • Film scratch, black and white, in addition to cross processing effects inclusion

Price: Free

4. Pho.to Lab :Best Photography Android Apps

Users can create photo montages, in addition to the appliance of both photo frames to their images with Pho.to.Lab. Additionally, an accumulation of over 450 effects is at a user’s disposal, as well as:

  • Animated cartoon effect inclusion
  • Photo filters include Neon Glow, Fire, Jigsaw Puzzle, HDR, Pencil Drawing, Oil & Impressionist Painting, Chalk & Charcoal
  • Diverse range of scenery included such as putting one’s self on Forbes

Price: Free

5. PhotoWonder :Photography Android Apps

Users can craft an enhanced image they’ve edited via the utilization of PhotoWonder; the application features making college images, as well as other notable features including:

  • Hitting 80 million users all over 218 countries!
  • LOMO, BlueTone, as well as Ageing effect
  • Various stickers and frames
  • Eyes can be enlarged, in addition to smoothing skin with ease

Price: Free

6. PicSay :Best Photography Android Apps

With PicSay, users can utilize this certain photography application via various useful tools including, primarily, a powerful photo editing feature that includes color-correct, as well as:

  • Simplistic and accessible interface
  • Word balloons can be added to images
  • Support for graphics, titles, as well as effects including distortion

Price: Free

7. Camera360 :Best Photography Android Apps

Camera360 is an application that sees the deliverance of  making images become more entertaining by instilling intriguing and humorous centered effects such as (in addition to other features):

  • Effects include LOMO, Retro Effect, Dreamlike Effect, Art of Black and White, Back to 1839, as well as Night Enhancement
  • Funny mode feature
  • Scenery mode and improved special effects
  • Easy Photo sharing on various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and more.

Price: Free

8. PicsArt :Best Photography Android Apps

This particular photography application is an all-in-one picture Editor which is brimming with several useful features such as implementing magic effects, as well as:

  • A host of photo filters, college, frames, stickers, text effects, clip art graphics, crop, rotate, adjust color and ability to add artistic effects
  • Drawing effects tool
  • Instantly share with family and friends via several photo-sharing sites including Flickr and Picasa, in addition to social networking services such as Facebook

Price: Free

9. PhotoFunia :Best Photography Android Apps

PhotoFunia is a photography application for Android that gives users the opportunity to edit their photos in a fun and creative way; along with tools such as putting one’s face on a billboard or becoming the Mona Lisa, in addition to a bodybuilder, PhotoFunia features:

  • Over 300 scenes included
  • The finding of one’s face is carried out in a way which integrates it with a selected scene
  • Put faces on a stamp, Mona Lisa and many more

Price: Free

10. FxCamera :Photography Android Apps

Generally, users want to add additional effects onto their images in order to enhance the picture. FxCamera is the perfect application to deliver exactly that with the effects the app features being:

  • Normal
  • ToyCam
  • Polandroid
  • Fisheye
  • SymmetriCam
  • Warhol

Price: Free

11. Camera ZOOM FX :

With having a huge list of features Camera Zoom FX is considered as the best photography app for Android Smartphones. The main features which make it worth buying are:

  • Powerful Camera with advanced effects
  • Multiple shooting options
  • Provided facility to improve old pictures
  • Rotate & crop photos with advanced shutter effects

Price: 149.99INR

12. Paper Camera: Best Photography Android Apps

With having real time cartoon and painting effects it makes the user to see the world through a stylish and captivating lens. Apart from the ultimate list of cartoons/sketches and many other painted effects it delivers:

  • Stylish cartoon effects to existing photos
  • Integrated with more social networking sites
  • More Filters

Price: 99.99INR

13. Vignette: Best Photography Android Apps

The vignette is the full-features camera application with over 70 customisable filters and 50 frames in any combination to create many photo effects. The main features which makes it worth buying are:

  • LOMO/Diana/Holga toy camera styles
  • On-screen controls for exposure, zoom, flash and switching camera
  • Photo-booth and double-exposure

Price: 141.96INR

14. Photo Editor by Aviary

One of the best way to quickly edit and customize your pictures is to use the Aviary app for Android Smartphone users. The main features of this app which makes it different from other apps are:

  • Gorgeous photo effects and frames
  • Cosmetic tools: fix red eye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation

Price: Free

15. Photo Grid: Collage Maker

Photo Grid is considered as the number 1 college app for Android with over 28 Million users worldwide. It has the ability to turn your college life memories into ultimate photo collections with these features:

  • High mode,Wide mode,Free style collage, and PhotoGrid
  • Edit Mode you can Move, Swap, Rotate, Zoom
  • Lots of layout templates, frame and background
  • Share your collage to Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Flicker, Picasa, Blogger, Tumblrand other social media.

Price: Free

If you feel that this list of best photography Android apps has to be modified further with any other ultimate photography app which can make the photography even better on Android Smartphones, then don’t forget to share it with us below in the comments section.