The iPad is a great tablet in general terms, and due to the Christmas season being upon us, Voiceable has compiled a list of the top 10 best iPad Christmas apps.

10. Christmas Countdown :Best iPad Christmas Apps

As Christmas draws closer, those who want to keep up with time regarding the festive season should download Christmas Countdown which features:

  • Exact countdown timer: hours, minutes and seconds
  • Christmas-themed music will play in background
  • Backgrounds relating to Christmas included

9. White Christmas :Best iPad Christmas Apps

Photos stored on one’s iPad can be edited with White Christmas which essentially adds several effects related to Christmas into the picture. Key features include:

  • Amount of falling snow can be set
  • Front and rear views
  • Upload pictures to Twitter or Facebook, as well as email support

8. Better Christmas List

One of the most important elements of Christmas is the gifts. Better Christmas List manages one’s shopping for gifts for family and friends, as well as delivering the following inclusions:

  • Set, as well as track budgets
  • Old gifts can be moved into archive
  • Address book integration

7. Christmas Tale HD :Best iPad Christmas Apps

Filled with activities on the side, Christmas Tale HD showcases stories relating to the festive season. Notable features for the application entail:

  • Activities included on every page
  • Read to Me feature
  • Auto play function

6. Christmas Mishap :Best iPad Christmas Apps

Featuring Santa as the protagonist, Christmas Mishap is a game that sees the character’s sled falling which consequently  results in the gifts falling out. Players must retrieve the gifts with features including:

  • Christmas card scenery
  • Art display is admirable
  • Worldwide scoreboard

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Create your own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with an interactive book that features original dialogue from its heyday, as well as the following features:

  • Unlocking rewards
  • Educational features
  • Objects pop out of page

4. Christmas Tree Maker :Best iPad Christmas Apps

Users can decorate their own virtual Christmas tree with Sunstorm Interactive’s Christmas Tree Marker. Features for the application consists of:

  • Various decoration tools
  • Different shapes, colors and sizes for balls
  • Post the completed tree on Facebook or Twitter

3. Quick Christmas List :Best iPad Christmas Apps

For those who want a simplistic interface for a virtual Christmas gift list, Quick Christmas List delivers exactly that by offering the following additions:

  • Print off lists
  • Budget meter
  • Add various presents for each person

2. Xmas Bell :Best iPad Christmas Apps

What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than instilling Xmas bells into your iPad. Features for the application consists of the following:

  • Ring is realistic
  • Christmas countdown timer
  • Four different bells: tiny bell, hand bell, church bell and sleigh bell

1. Christmas Tree Decorator :Best iPad Christmas Apps

In what’s proved to be a comprehensive virtual Christmas tree decorator, Christmas Tree Decorator includes the following features:

  • An accumulative of 36 decorations
  • Decorations are animated
  • Save decorated trees as images