Android’s versatility has proved to pay off in terms of the success its application market has had since its inception. One of those categories is finance-related applications. VOICEABLE has compiled a list of the top 10 best free Android finance applications.

10. Stock Widget

Stock Widget from creator Technically Organized is a stock ticker in relation to the tracking of funds, stocks, currencies and more. Notable features include:

  • Book value
  • Day’s high and lows
  • After hours change feature

9. Money Lover Plus

Managing one’s personal finances has never been easier with Money Lover Plus. Budget and tracking of spending is included, as well as:

  • Supports several languages
  • Transaction reminders
  • Enter expenses for various categories such as travel and dates

8. Percent Calculator

Boasting a hugely accessible and simplistic user interface, Percent Calculator allows the calculation of percentages, markups, discounts, in addition to delivering access to the following features:

  • Tips can be calculated
  • Percents & percentages calculation feature
  • Percent discounts inclusion

7. MoneyWise Pro

Take control over your budget and spending with MoneyWise Pro; an application that easily keep track of one’s daily spending. Notable features for the application consists of:

  • Incomes, as well as expenses
  • Currencies can be switched
  • Expenses can be tagged

6. HD 12c Financial Calculator

Essentially acting as an emulator of the HP 12c financial calculator, functionality and financial elements of the calculator sees a transition onto the Android with the following features:

  • Amortization support
  • Analysis for cash flow
  • Keystroke programming

5. Currency Converter

With Currency Converter, users can effectively track the various currencies from around the globe. Features for the application consists of the following:

  • Graph currency pairs
  • Latest news for currencies
  • Portfolios can be set up

4. Debt Payoff Planner

If you’re looking to manage effective methods of paying off your debt, Debt Payoff Planner can help you immensely. Features for the application entails:

  • Track payments
  • Graphs feature
  • Export to Microsoft Excel

3. Financial Calculators

Boasting the tip calculator, regular calculator, as well as several others, this application delivers common calculators relating to finance. Key features include the following financial calculators:

  • Retirement/401k Calculator
  • Loan calculator
  • Currency calculator
  • Compound Interest Calculator
  • Regular Calculator

Price: Free

2. EasyMoney :Best Finance Apps

Managing one’s money can be stressful at times but with EasyMoney, as its name suggests, users can get a hold of their finances and overall spending. EasyMoney provides a rich, detailed window into your personal finances. A simple and intuitive data entry system is combined with a wealth of easily accessible financial information. Features are:

  • Checkbook manager
  • Set up repeating transactions
  • Track expenses
  • Notifications of forthcoming and overdue bills
  • Daily automated backup creation

Price: 546.45INR

1. My Wallet+

If you can’t maintain your spending habits in an appropriate manner, My Wallet+ can help remedy said issues via the deliverance of:

  • Monitor how much you spend
  • Export expenses to Microsoft Excel
  • Category and subcategory structures