Laptop Users might be searching for tips to protect their device but not more than desktop users. I don’t understand why this happens but we usually don’t pay much heed to our laptops especially if we are using it at daily basis. Time is running really fast and technology is improving along with it. Laptops are not that much costly today and most of the people can afford it easily. We can take it outside with us. We are here to list some of the tips to protect your notebook PC. Only an antivirus is not enough to protect your laptop. Hardware maintenance is also equally important. Just go through the article and apply these tips carefully.

Protect Your Laptop from Being Theft:

  1. Usually when you are away from your home and using your laptop in your car, hotel, bank or somewhere else. If you are leaving your laptop for a while, there is a possibility to get it being theft, and then there is no way out to get it back. Now we are introducing an amazing application which will inform you when someone is trying to steal your laptop. Usually when you are using your laptop, it is plugged in to electricity socket; there is the point which will work. You can use ALARM application to save your laptop, when someone will try to plug it out of socket, it will give a loud alarm to inform you.
  2. There is another excellent application called PREY. It can trace the location of missing laptop and can take the picture of the person who stole it. You just have to install the application on your laptop and then get registered to the official site and turn the security ON. It traces the location via maps or GPRS. The best thing is that it is free to use. Another feature is that you can lock the laptop direct from your prey account and also secure the important data.

Protect Your Notebook Pc from Overheating:

When you are using your laptop at some heated places, you may damage it internally. The internal damage consists of battery burnt, hard disk corrupted, some important data lost or many other things. To avoid such situations you can try some tips which are really useful.

  1. If you are using your laptop in some air-conditioned room, don’t bring it out to some heated place suddenly. If you have to do this, turn it off to let it be normal and then take it out.
  2. When you are taking your laptop with you outside, make sure to have a plastic bag with you in case you have to face rain. Put your laptop in that bag and seal it.
  3. Do not put your laptop near electronics devices or microwave oven. The powerful magnetic waves will damage your hard drive in no time.
  4.  If you are turning off your laptop and then turning it again ON, make sure to give it at least one minute gap. Otherwise it will affect its hard drive negatively.
  5. If your laptop gets into water or some moisture gets into it, don’t turn it ON. It will cause instant short circuit.
  6. Try to avoid over charging your laptop.


Install some Effective Maintenance Tools:

After hardware security, it comes to software maintenance. Here we are listing some of the best software which you can download for free and use them for best performance of your notebook PC.

  1. You definitely want to have a complete toolbox for your laptop. IObit tool box will fulfill 100% of your expectations as it uses over 20 tools to protect and maintain your laptop such as repairing, removing junk files, cleaning up, registry tuning and backup and many more.
  2. Another tool which will let you be tension-free for how much battery life is left is Battcursor. This cute little application will stick a battery bar beneath your cursor which will change its color accordingly with your battery usage. When it turns red, make sure to put charger to your laptop.

Keep a track of the applications in fact all of the apps which are running in background by using Freemeter. It will show CPU usage for installed applications, disk space usage etc. It’s hard to check these things manually but this app will always come handy to keep a track of all these things.