After Cydia store, which has been the center of attraction existed for jailbroken iOS gadge, Android based phones are now getting set for an unauthorized or may be called illegal application store which will be containing all those software and applications which are restricted or excluded by Google policy makers. As the android phone users know well that iOS application market has been strictly under controlled and supervised by Apple and company authorities have the final stamp to put on the applications which are approved to get in App market. It was never impossible to get banned applications onto your Android phones but that wasn’t either that easy as well. Now it is going to be easier after launching of this application market. iOS users are waiting anxiously for the great launch.

The most well-known figure of CyanogenMod’s team, Koushik Dutta has been struggling to create an easy alternate way to let users approach Android applications without any usual restrictions applied and now, I guess he thought it’s the best moment to get the plan into play. Apart from offering a store to get root applications downloaded or installed on gadgets which have been embedded, the core idea of providing this App market is to collect and make available of those applications which have been excluded for not a logical issue or may be for some companies having negative view about them. Koushik Dutta and his group are offering a store which will work like the renowned Cydia Market. They will be hosting and modifying those applications which will be free or at a cost. It will be decided on developing authority or the intricacy of application.

Dutta mentions that Google’s rejected applications are either root applications (one-click), having voicemail and visual or emulators so offering a plan of alternate store. Well, I guess it’s a nice thing to get all the emulators, tweaks and applications at a place and it will draw a massive community. Of course it is unofficial, but its idea is quite appreciable and unique for iOS users. Best of Luck Dutta and team!