This year’s WWDC was a big hit for Apple fans. As, we were expecting huge introductions from the company, as it was rumored, that Apple will announce a non-iOS hardware device (s) and we definitely saw it at this event.

Together with the large, somewhat pricey, and very popular new Apple MacBook Pro, absolute with Retina Display technology, Apple also introduced an ample of softwares to the public. First of it was their OS X Mountain Lion which got big round of claws once it was on the stage.  iOS 6 was the next big hit which made people crazy.

Some people may perhaps say Samsung is the biggest competitor of Apple but that’s not really a fact as Apple hit Samsung and android really bad, at the WWDC event.

When we talk about Apple poking its competitors a big history comes in our minds. Go back in the late 2005-06, when Steve Jobs’ and Apple notoriously made big fun of Microsoft’s Windows Vista on the WWDC’s stage. As they said that Windows Vista is a full copy of their Mac OS X and the highlighted tag line of the 2004 WWDC event was: Redmond, Start Your Photocopiers tag. Truly it was an epic scene that no one can forget!

Here’s the video of that event:


Things have taken high twists in the last decade as Apple hardly ever even talked about its competition. But there might be indication of sales count for the iPad contrasted to Android operated tablets, and there may also be activation counts for Android smartphones on the horizon in addition to the counts of iPhone. At least in the last couple of years, we haven’t seen these things so far.

And as for the present status, it appears that Apple is deeply willing to strike hard on its competitors and hit on their weak points to blow them out of the water.

As a fact, it is not ahead of the kingdoms of thoughts that Apple is now starting to feel the pressure. In addition to official legal wars continuing between Apple and a mass of other high-tech companies, we think Apple is really beginning to fasten down the devises and implement a blockade attitude? Now, it is the time for Samsung, to stand against the mighty ruler Apple. Any idea who will win this race, guys?