iPhone is an innovation which has brought a new world of changes, in fact lots of changes for IT lovers. It was introduced in 2007 by Apple Company and now it has attracted over 6 million users globally. The other factor to concentrate was to create such a software range which go compatible with this new invention and most of all, the core intention was to provide its users with something never experienced before so in 2008, an App Store was launched. From then onward, it has been launching brand new and unique application. By this time, it is packed with more than 300,000 applications. Such a big collection confuses users to choose the right one so here we are to help you to choose those ones which are essentials or say must haves for your gadget.


Skype is definitely not an unknown application for internet users. The purpose behind launching this application for iPhones is to make contacting easier. Definitely it is more convenient to use it on such a gadget which is easy to handle. Internet compatible phones must have such application to make and receive calls. Though it is not having so many options like the windows version of Skype but the basic purpose is perfectly achieved. It is simple, easy to use and light for your iPhone. It brings your relatives closer to you from worldwide.


This tool is really efficient to manage your schedules, reminders and other notes. There are many important things you want to keep on a single touch like photos, reminders and sticky notes. This tool has a clear interface to manage all of your data. Another special feature of this application is that you may also search any information by capturing snapshots of logos or any handwritten material. So this tool definitely should come in handy.

Around Me:

The idea behind this application is really praiseworthy so its importance can’t be placed second. It lets you know about all the special places around you like banks, Gas stations, hospitals, restaurants and bars, Apple official stores and many other important locations. As this app takes data directly from Google Maps so its reliability cannot be challenged. Though it fails to work where your internet coverage area finishes like in some hilly areas.


This is a perfect application for book lovers. Kindle is an eBook searcher that offers an amazing experience for those who love to explore eBook store. There are lots of options that you can use while reading. The only problem with this application is that eBooks are quite costly now a day and you have to pay a price to have them and enjoy.


This amazing free application gives you a chance to highlight the required data from any article and it also includes many editing option for a complete editing experience. It has many cool features that control the features to display the text on screen. Article searching and bookmarking is made easier than ever before by launching this free application.

App Store has never stop working for launching amazing apps for its customers and the good thing is that you may buy unlimited applications at cheap price too, well there are a bundle of with expensive price tag, but still iPhone users have never stop exploring the app store for new releases.