Steve Jobs changed the world as we had known it; spearheading the company he created with Steve Wozniak, Apple revolution’s technology and its impact society. Jobs, one of the most memorable visionaries, always seemed to know the right time to launch a product and, in doing so, made Apple the richest company on the planet. Voiceable has compiled a list of the top 10 creations and innovations by Steve Jobs.

10. USB Power Adapter:

One of Steve Job’s overlooked creations is undoubtedly the USB Power Adapter he designed and came up with for the iPhone. Features include:

  • Charge IOS devices via USB
  • Charge on PC
  • Admirable design

9. Mac OS X:

The Mac operating system is now one of the most widely used OSs in the market, with millions of it being sold annually. Features entail:

  • Simplistic user interface
  • Sleek and admirable core
  • Several versions

8. Pixar Animation Studios:

Indeed one of his non-Apple-related creations is Pixar, which Steve Jobs bought. Following the purchase, the billion dollar franchise Toy Story came into fruition, as well as:

  • Sparked CG animated movies
  • Toy Story series
  • Animation breakthroughs

7. iPod Touch:

The iPod’s success was so monumental that Apple capitalized on it via the creation of the iPod Touch; essentially the iPhone without the calling feature. Features entail:

  • Application store
  • Sleek designer
  • Numerous models

6. iMac:

Further continuing the success of the Macintosh, the iMac saw the continuation of Apple’s personal computer line-up with features such as:

  • Sleek design
  • Colorful
  • Personal computer

5. Macintosh:

The Macintosh came after Steve Jobs had created previous models which failed to have a considerable impact in the market. Still, the Macintosh ensured Apple’s continued dominance with features such as:

  • Eclipsed personal computer market
  • Graphical user interface
  • Sparked Mac line-up such as the iMac

4. iTunes:

iTunes’ inception changed the face of the music industry forever and for the better. The groundbreaking application delivered some of the following:

  • Cheap prices for music
  • Purchase albums and singles
  • Put up own music

3. iPod:

The iPod saw one of the first devices released by Apple and it consequently changed the music industry forever with iTunes, as well as the face of media players. Features include:

  • Various models
  • Touch sensitive
  • Video and audio

2. iPad:

Steve Jobs was a visionary and one of the most creative and remarkable ones in history. He had the iPad concept envisioned a decade ago but knew when it was the right to release it in the market. Features for the tablet are:

  • Camera
  • App store
  • Notable screen resolution

1. iPhone:

The iPhone changed the face of the technology world forever and indeed for the better. It brought over various breakthroughs such as:

  • Touch screen
  • App store
  • Multimedia device