Hit upon all 46 pieces of enemy Intel!

Call of Duty Lovers, here you are, on your new mission…

Watch out for the skyscraper constantly blasting the city and the inhabitants are in unremitting danger.  The vehicles are quickly knocked over and you might overlook some of the 46 pieces of Intel spread at different locations in the campaign. Worry not…Our gaming experts are always there to help; we have formatted a thorough guide to help you spotting those entire enemy Intel.

Act 1:

Black Tuesday

(5 Intel Items)

1. Go to the apartment building, there is a bedroom at the right of crashed helicopter. intel is there at the bottom of bed.

2. go down the stairs, they will lead you into the store room. Turn around; there is a desk under the staircase. Intel is there at the desk.

3. Next, go to lobby of the stock exchange, Left side of this room is your spotted location for intel.

4. In southwest corner of exchange floor there is a circular desk with another intel, its near the steps which are leading up.

5. Next, your objective is to fix a termite charge on the jammer, there is a table on the right side of the rooftop; the intel is placed there on it.


Hunter Killer:

(2 Intel Items)

1. Take out the two hostiles confronting inside the sub, move to the far right corner of the room. On a bunk bed the Intel lays.

2.  Get to the southwestern corner on the upper sidewalk. It’s at the corner opposite of where you have to put a charge on the door.


Persona Non Grata:

(4 Intel items)

1. Go down to the courtyard and find for a small inlet. It will be on your right, on the north end.

2. Move down the street, look for a house to your right, an open house right before the street turns west. Inside one of the comparatively smaller room, you’ll find the Intel on an end table.

3. Look behind the huge shipping crate as soon as you go through the trapdoor to get to the UGV.

4. Done with the UGV, now you have to get to the CHOPPER. There it is placed at a playground slide to the left as you exit the building.



(2 Intel items)

1. After the zero-g sequence, head down the stairs; they will lead you to the closed end and turn right. You will find the Intel on the kitchen counter.

2. Right after the plane crash, look for the fallen tree and leap over it. As soon as you do it, check the ground in front of you for the second one.


Back on the Grid:

(3 Intel items)

1. When you will jump down from sniper perch to join your forces, rush into the factory that your team was searching. This Intel will be found in the back corner.

2. Right at the spot where you rejoin your team, the street turns to the left. Go down the street until you sight a hut on the left, enter in that. Intel is there inside placed on a crate.

3. Third and final piece of Intel is on a table at the back of church, go get it.


Mind the Gap:

(3 Intel items)

1. Enter the building across from the locked door. Now turn left, and get the Intel placed on a crate.

2. Whether you have opened the truck doors or not yet, hurry to the building heading to the northeast. Here you will see the stairs leading up to a walkway. Keep to this path until you enter the building. Check the desk, you will find another Intel over there.

3. Hurry get to the top of the first escalator, there you will find a news-stand right in front of you. The Intel is lying on the ground behind the counter.



(3 Intel Items)

1. Get to the street, this time the Intel is in the crashed plane’s cockpit on the north.

2. The street here turns to the south, you must continue to the west. Look behind a rather short brick wall in the southwest corner of the map. Here lies the Intel, gotcha!

3. When you finally meet your squad, you and your team will enter another building.  Look at the right, the cubicles are having the third Intel item.


Return to Sender:

(3 Intel Items)

1. Go at the remote chopper battlement right after the first, you will see a stepladder at your left leading into the south building. The Intel must be there on a desk, well, at the second floor.

2. Check out the back left corner of the room that you get through for the second Intel.

3. Countdown begins! Rush to the secondary LZ, hurry look for a very small building you will find on your right. It’s the eastern edge of the map. There is a table inside with Intel on it.


Bag and Drag:

(4 Intel Items)

1. Second floor of the bookstore, check the shelves on the western wall. You will get the Intel there

2. Head to the “Café de Paris.” Intel is on the coffee table in the back lounge.

3. Enter the Catacombs, Ouch!  You got hit with a flash-bang, check the south end of the room for the Intel.

4. Well, it’s the easiest one; this Intel meets you right after you climb out of the catacombs, before you head back onto the street.


Iron Lady:

(2 Intel Items)

1. After you do down the machine gun and drop into the patio, enter the greenhouse on your left. Ascend the staircase inside to find Intel.

2.  Take out the second tank using javelin; look for a bus on the left side of the bridge. The Intel is inside that bus.


Eye of the Storm:

(2 intel items)

1. Right after you follow Soap into a hotel lobby and be told to wait. You will spot Intel on the counter.

2. As soon as stealth goes out the window, at just south of the statue, look for a table umbrella with the word “Prague” on it. The Intel is waiting there for you.

Blood Brothers:

(1 intel item)

1. When Price picks up Soap, and tells you to cover them both, clear the room and check the far right corner for Intel. This Chapter has only one Intel.




(2 Intel items)

1. Step outside and climb some stony steps. Here you will enter another room. Your enimies will be waiting here for you to shot. You’ll get to know that you are in right position when Price says “don’t slow down now!” In the small room to the northwest corner, get this Intel.

2. Clear out the courtyard now and climb up the steps to the second level. Go to the southernmost building to find this Intel, it will be placed there on a small crate.


Scorched Earth:

(5 Intel items)

 1. Enter the building right when the chapter starts, climb the stairs and turn right. After clearing the enemies and check the first placed desk with the window, Intel is placed here.

2. After you trash the tanks and before you go down the building, look out for the barrier beside the east side of the roof. facing away from you, there is a piece of Intel on the other side, look carefully, it may be hard to locate.

3. Go down, head down the street moving concerning your goals. Locate a bookstore on your right side. Enter this store and check the counter, here you got the Intel.

4. When your forthcoming tanks roll in, turn right down the street and get entered the first building on your left. You will find the fourth Intel inside.

5. When it comes to “get to the roof” objective and your force mate will kick open a door leading to a stairwell. There is a couch placed with Intel under the stairs.


Down the Rabbit Hole:

(2 Intel items)

1. Get to the large room with the high footbridge; locate an office on the left side. The Intel is there on a file cabinet in that office.

2. Breach the room to liberate the president, turn around. Round the corner you will find the  Intel on top of a barrel.


Dust to Dust:

(3 Intel items)

1. Get to the top of the escalator, turn to your right and there you go. The Intel is on a bar.

2. Soon after you leave the elevator, go after Yuri into a small room on your left. The Intel is placed there on the poker table.

3. When you enter the restaurant, at about the same time you notice Makarov, there is a bar on your right, and the final piece of Intel is over there.