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Android and iOS are surely IN now a day and people love to know about daily updates and apps of their choice. But it is a general routine that people mostly look for entertaining apps and due to the advanced graphics and efficiencies the gaming apps are offering, they mostly don’t go for anything providing knowledge. Gaming is becoming more and more advanced so the hot trends and blogs are overloaded with gaming news, cheats, reviews and rumors. Today we are going to introduce you with a quite new and different application which offers something based on history and is definitely an eye-opening app.

This particular application is offered by The History Press, Britain, reminding us the completion of 100 years, or we may say having an 100th anniversary of Titanic’s sinking. This application for iPads by The History press is set to launch at 12th March 2012 which is surely a totally new and amazing themed application. It will recall the heart-touching memorable accident of Titanic Sinking before 100 years which we might have forgotten after some time passed of Titanic movie released. The movie has made us recall the tragic incident once and then it was again lost from our memories. This application will truly make us feel that disastrous happening again. It will present Leonardo De Caprio’s (The Titanic Movie’s Hero) and Kate Winselet’s (the heroine of movie) motion pictures. It is a great app for those who are not that much into history and it will help them to know about this.

The real date of Titanic accident was 14th April 1912. The story of Titanic movie remained quite successful to capture viewers’ sympathy and emotional feelings. It was a markable presentation and now this iPad application is still going to allow the iPad users and those who want to know the history some quite appreciable glimpse of debatable tale.

This application doesn’t base on imaginations only but it involves experts and those who have been investigating the matter for designing footages, picture collection and a sinking timeline and the titanic Deck plan. There are plentiful of pictures and relevant images collected to design a remarkable app.

Tim Davies, the History Press’ sales and market director states,

“This year’s 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ship is already generating huge interest and is an opportunity to maximize the value of our extensive and definitive Titanic content and to deliver it in a new way. The Titanic App looks fantastic and we’re confident that both enthusiasts and general consumers alike will enjoy it enormously.”