Android is a platform that’s popular partly due to the diversity of applications available on its Marketplace; one of which is watching television on. With streaming becoming mainstream now, watching TV on Android is as easier as it has ever been. Voiceable has compiled a list of the top 10 applications to watch TV on Android.

10. TV.Centerr Live-TV: Watch TV on Android

TV.Centerr Live-TV allows users to have access to watch television on their Android-powered devices wherever they are. Notable features entail:

  • Over 20 channels
  • Various languages
  • High quality

9. T-Mobile TV: Best Apps to Watch TV on Android

T-Mobile’s gamble of releasing their own television application was a risky move but ultimately paid off with the deliverance of some of the following features:

  • FOX Sports
  • Live and on-demand TV
  • 30 day free trail

8. UFC TV: Best Apps to Watch TV on Android

If you’re an Ultimate Fighting Championship fan and have an Android to watch fights for UFC on, then UFC TV is the perfect application which delivers:

  • Four camera angles
  • Pay-per-events
  • Weigh-ins and press conferences

7. BBC iPlayer: Watch TV on Android

BBC’s iPlayer application delivers the stellar quality coverage it does on its website. In addition to several well-known TV shows, the application features:

  • Watch live BBC channels
  • Live radio
  • Schedule tool

6. Live TV: Best Apps to Watch TV on Android

Live TV is dedicated to the deliverance of European channels on their Android application. Notable features deliver some of the following:

  • Zoom function
  • Interact with video
  • High quality

5. Viewer: Watch TV on Android has grown to be the leading broadcaster on the Internet. Inevitably, then, users can watch live TV via the website and application, which delivers:

  • Full HD quality on selected channels
  • Two way chat
  • Search function

4. Netflix: Best Apps to Watch TV on Android

Netflix is one of the leaders in the streaming market with the company’s Android application delivering their rental streaming service with the following:

  • Share feature for Facebook
  • Various countries supported
  • Free trail included

3. Watch TV: Best Apps to Watch TV

Watch TV allows users to be connected to an online database of TV channels which results in channels being showcased on one’s Android device. Notable additions are:

  • Over 100 online TV channels
  • Movies and music
  • Sports and news

2. Watch TV Free: Best Android apps

Great Fun App’s Watch TV Free is an application that sees the deliverance of live TV, as well as over a hundred television channels, in addition to:

  • Sports and cartoons
  • News channels
  • No hidden costs; entirely free

1. TBN: Watch TV Shows & Live TV:

Trinet Internet Solutions’s TBN: Watch TV Shows & Live TV Android application is one of, if not the best app to watch TV on one’s Android. Features to Watch TV on android are:

  • Ten live TV channels
  • Multiple lanaguages
  • Music videos