Nowadays there are hundreds of Android phones on the markets and choosing the best out of them can be a challenge. There are a lot of aspects involved and some of them include research, budget, age and popularity. Then there is the anxiety of what you should do: Should you buy the one instantly or wait to check out the phones being released in the coming days. Each of them has their own share of advantages and disadvantages. But the one in which the former far outruns the latter is the one which should be invested upon.

So, Here we have a look at the 5 best Android Smartphones that were released this year arranged in no particular order.

1. HTC One: Best Android Smartphones

The HTC One is the flagship phone of the brand. It was released earlier this year. It is a beautiful phone and looks premium from the outset itself mainly due to the stylish aluminum body. Apart from good looks it is also loaded with some more than decent hardware inside like a 4.7″ LCD3 display, 1.7 GHz CPU and a 4MP ultra-pixel camera.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4: Best Android Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released just a few days back and despite of the poorly executed launch event the phone was a hit even before it came out of the manufacturing blocks. With an octal-core processor and a 5″ Super AMOLED HD+ display being some of its power packed features and the innovative new Smart features from Samsung, this is one of the best phones available in the market

3. Sony Xperia Z: Best Android Smartphones

The Sony Xperia Z is the recently launched Smartphone from Sony which is also the flagship of the brand. With the device, Sony has packed almost all of its renewed brands in one device namely BRAVIA for display and WALKMAN for music. But the fact that really sets it apart is the fact that it has been certified as dust and water proof. It looks wonderful too due to the aluminum anybody.

4. LG Nexus 4: Best Android Smartphones

The Nexus 4 finally arrived in India just a month back. It is the latest offering from Google who have chosen LG to market the device in India. The Nexus 4 is considerably a lot cheaper than the phones in the same feature bracket and it also runs stock Android which means it will be the fastest to receive the OS updates that Google develop and release. These two will certainly be a major selling point.

5. HTC Butterfly: Best Android Smartphones

The HTC Butterfly was the flagship phone of the Taiwanese brand before the launch of the mighty One. It is a great device too and was maybe used by HTC to show the preview of what was to come next. With it sporting a 1.5 GHz CPU, 2GB RAM and 8mp camera along with some other mind-blowing features it is a worthy predecessor of the HTC One.

So, As I said all of the phones listed above are winners in their own right. It’s up to the consumer which feature or brand he prefers over the others and that is the phone he will ultimately end up with. His choices though are limitless.