People looking for applications that allow them to monitor phones may not be able to find one due to the technology available these days. Nearly all major Smartphone app stores offer these applications in the market, either for free or paid versions.

There are some mobile tracking apps that are suitable enough for users’ needs. Although the number of applications that can accomplish the work required is limited, a small number are reliable enough to offer these features to mobile phone users. The following are some mobile tracking application that can actually be very helpful.


mSpy ( mobile tracking application is available for download on Android, IOS, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices. It offers numerous services to its users including usual features like call recording and GPS tracking. It also offers other exclusive features such as recording all messages and media files on the device the application is installed and monitoring internet browsing history.

mSpy is an ideal app for parents to use in monitoring their children. It also allows employers to track their employees through the company-issued mobile phones. The application is perfect for everyone suspicious of the activities their spouse. mSpy cell phone tracking application is a practical method of monitoring the activities performed on any mobile phone. Once the application is installed, the mobile phone will be easily traced.


FlexiSpy app facilitates tracking or spying on a mobile phone. The entire tracking process is flexible, the application is user-friendly and is aimed at helping busy parents keep their children safe from any harmful elements in society. The features of the FlexiSpy mobile tracking application are similar to other mobile tracking applications. It pinpoints the location of a mobile phone through GPS, stores files and provides notifications to users.


Another notable mobile tracking tool is MobiStealth mobile tracking app. This software can be used on all Smartphones using main mobile operating systems. It is capable of pinpointing locations and store information about calls received or made. The application also maintains a complete copy of the call log and contacts on the mobile phone.

The application is user-friendly and can be hidden completely from view. It allows users to receive updates on the location of the mobile phone without informing the owner of the device.


The StealthGenie cell phone tracking application is among the best mobile tracking applications in the market. It is ideal for employers and parents who aim to know what is happening around them. The application allows employers to run the business even at a distance. The same thing is also applicable to parenting.

The application allows employers and parents to know any unusual or inappropriate activities involving their employees or children due to its features. This is done at the application provides updates on the contact list, call logs, SMS, emails, IMs, location, and files stored or shared using the mobile phone.

There are some people who consider the use of mobile tracking applications controversial. However, this concept may change if the mobile tracking tool is used in protecting people close to users of these applications. Users can keep their loved ones safe when they monitor their activities using these mobile monitoring applications.