Want to make your geek friend more popular?

We all have that geeky friend we love who has trouble fitting in. It’s not because he or she is awkward or strange; it’s simply because of a high intellect and devotion to certain activities and interests.

Geeks do not hide from their true identities the way many of us do. This often puts a strain on their social interactions with others. Even so, sometimes a geek needs a confidence booster to give her or him the courage to speak up more often around others who are different.

Not to worry: here are five cool gifts that just might make your geek friend feel more confident.

1. Imagination paperweight

This is more than just a paperweight. In fact, every time your geek friend glances at this object, he or she will feel an instant surge of confidence from the quote inscribed on the top.

It says: “Logic will get you from point A to point B, but imagination will take you everywhere.” This quote by Einstein inspires interesting and elastic minds to remember that they can do anything.

2. A self-help book (preferably of the humorous variety)

One of the best books for geeks who need a confidence boost is Inconsequential Dilemmas. This publication provides answers to life’s little dramas, but in a humorous format. This will help your geek friend while also providing some entertainment.

3. Humorous T-shirts

One gift that is sure to make your geek friend happy and feel more confident is a hilariously fun T-shirt. Try shirts that say things like, “I keep pressing escape but I am still here,” or “I am silently correcting your grammar.” These T-shirts always get a chuckle from non-geeks as well as other geeks.

4. Flasks

A stainless-steel flask is always bound to make the geek feel more comfortable. There are many styles with various inscriptions, quotes, and graphics that make wonderful conversation pieces at parties.

5. Star Wars-inspired dart board

All right, all right; this geeky gift is just for fun, but it’s definitely a conversation starter. The dart board is created with beautiful Star Wars-inspired retro artwork of Princess Leia. This fully functional dart board provides a fun game and a way to break the ice with new friends.

Although they might have a little trouble fitting in, geeks are awesome and cool. Find appropriate gifts that will help your friend come out of the shell and maybe even become the life of the party.