The choice to quit smoking is not an easy one. If you find yourself needing some extra support, having to quit multiple times, or are just looking for a new way to curb your craving because nothing works, there are a lot of excellent resources waiting for you online.

With all of the quit-smoking blogs out there you never have to feel like you’re going at it alone. The information they offer will help you understand addiction, health, and cravings better, and how to kick that habit. Here are five blogs you should follow right now to stop smoking.

1. Quit smoking forever

At, you’ll find expert advice from a working doctor who has dedicated his career to helping people quit. Talking to a doctor about stopping can be an important step toward kicking the habit, but if you can’t see a doctor in person, this is the next best thing.

2. Quit cigs 4 free

You’ve probably heard stories of people quitting with the aid of hypnosis. Whether you buy into it or not, you can at least give it a shot with the free mp3s at, where you’ll also find great articles about the effects smoking has on your health and other tips to help you quit.

You never know if hypnosis will work unless you give it a try. With free audio tracks, you have nothing to lose except your cravings.

3. Cigarette zoom

Along with tips to help you quit, this blog goes further, to examine tobacco companies and advocate for monitoring them and looking at how smoking affects our culture.

4. Quit smoking for good

On, you’ll find great advice and insights about addiction. It aims to help people quit for life. The better you understand your addiction or reluctance to quit, the more insight you have on how to overcome all of that.

5. You can quit too

If you’re a person who needs structure, you’ll love the free tools on They’ll help you create a plan to quit and calculate the money you’ll save by quitting smoking.

There are plenty of incentives to quit smoking: your long-term health, the cost of cigarettes, the spread of smoking bans, and the smell cigarettes leave on your clothes and breath are just a few.

Even so, quitting can be hard, and if you’re having a hard time, you should at least be proud of making the choice to quit. With any luck, these blogs and other online support and resources can give you that extra push toward kicking the habit once and for all.